Iron Man, Harley Quinn, & 8 Other Best Fandom Outfit Skins

Fortnite has boosted its popularity by adding skins from other famous franchises like Marvel and DC Comics, as well as other top games.

Fortnite has often joined hands with several pop culture franchises ranging from films to comics to other video games, and such crossovers are quite evident in the Fandom Outfits along with a slew of weapons and other cosmetic items. It has happened with some of the most popular series out there.

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Some of these skins in Fortnite are introduced for a limited time only for particular game events like the John Wick suit. Others like the Demogorgon are a part of a particular franchise’s sets (the Stranger Things set in this case which also includes a Chief Hopper suit). Batman and a few Marvel heroes can also be similarly purchased as skins for great limited time offers.

10 Harley Quinn

Birds Of Prey Movie Harley Quinn Fortnite Crossover Skin

A result of Fortnite’s collaboration with Birds of Prey, the Harley Quinn outfit is impressive in both styles. The first style resembles Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character in Suicide Squad while the second bears more resemblance to Quinn’s sophomore solo film.

The Outfit in its former style resembles the Rebirth (comics) version of Harley Quinn with her colored hair, tattooed legs, and a tee that reads ‘Lil Monster XOXO’. The items in the Harley Quinn Bundle are as iconic as the outfits, including both the hammer Punchline and the baseball bat Harley Hitter.

9 John Wick

john wick skin fortnite

As the name suggests, the John Wick outfit is understandably not as detailed or colorful as the other entries on this list. But it’s the cult status of Keanu Reeves’ character that makes it a worthy and rare collectible in the game. Introduced in Season 9, the default variant finds the hyperviolent assassin wearing a plain suit with neatly-groomed hair.

However, it’s the Damaged John Wick Outfit that adds more grit with bruises and scars on Wick’s face and tears and bullet holes spread over his suit.

8 The Dark Knight

Batman (in Dark Knight Movie Outfit) holiding a gun in Fortnite

While the classic comic-book-inspired grey-and-black Outfit is available in the Caped Crusader Pack, it’s also interesting to find Batman’s armored black suit from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

The Dark Knight Movie Outfit is a batsuit with heavy detailing and multiple layers. The costume’s cowl, much like the armor has a lining of Kevlar. Also included in the Pack are the Batwing glider and pickaxe with the classic Bat logo (from the comics) imprinted on it.

7 Black Panther

Black Panther, Taskmaster, and Captain Marvel in Fortnite

When Black Panther’s Outfit was launched on Fortnite, two other Marvel characters made their debut: Taskmaster and Captain Marvel. While all three Marvel: Royalty And Warriors Outfits are stunning in their own right, Black Panther’s seems to be the most majestic.

As the films and recent comics try incorporating a more realistic and flexible costume for the Wakandan king, the Fortnite Black Panther Outfit is more nostalgic in its aesthetic, boasting a cape and a golden clawed necklace. The costume can also glow purple if kinetically-charged, a nod to Ryan Coogler’s film on the character.

6 Chun-Li

Chun-Li in a fighting position in Fortnite

Featured alongside Street Fighter‘s Ryu, the Chun-Li outfit retains the character’s classic arcade game look. She wears her trademark blue qipao, complete with golden handiwork and puffy sleeves. Silk brocades cover her two ‘ox horns’ of hair while spiked bracelets adorn her wrists.

The default style can also be replaced with a ‘Nostalgic’ style that features a sleeveless qipao and golden threads around her hair.

5 Master Chief

Fortnite Black Matta Master Chief Style

The iconic Master Chief of the Halo franchise needs no introduction and the character’s heavy-duty armor and two-prong visor are retained in this Gaming Legends Series Outfit. Even the ‘117’ tag is present on the left side of the armor.

While the suit is there in the popular olive-green variant, players can also switch the style towards a darker matte black tone. As a part of the Master Chief bundle, the option of buying the armor comes along with other choices like the Gravity Hammer the glider UNSC Pelican.

4 Cuddlepool

Cuddlepool Outfit in Fortnite

The classic Deadpool Outfit aside, two other Deadpool-inspired costumes make their way into the game. One happens to be Ravenpool (the Deadpool variant of the Legendary Outfit Raven) and Cuddlepool. The latter is an amusing take on the Marvel antihero and suits the character’s usual goofiness.

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The costume is roughly the same as Deadpool’s original red-and-black pattern with the only difference being a giant bear’s head on top following the same dual color scheme.

3 Psycho Bandit

Psycho Bandit in Fortnite

Psycho Bandit, the antagonist of the Borderlands gaming franchise makes for a detailed Outfit that closely resembles its source material. Often bought with the Psycho Bundle in the Item Shop, Psycho Bandit could also be acquired after purchasing Borderlands 3

The human mutant appears shirtless while wearing the classic blue-eyed mask from the games. Straps of cloth are tied around his hands and he also ties two belts over his muddy orange-colored pants.

2 Kratos

fortnite kratos god of war season 5

The second Gaming Legends series Outfit on Battle Royale, Kratos resembles his bearded incarnation in the recent God of War games. The iconic red tattoo slithers across the left side of his body while he drapes his leather loincloth across his shoulder and wields weapons like the Leviathan axe.

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If one wishes to experiment beyond the classic costume, they can go for an armored Kratos although the flashy gold-plated suit might seem a bit much for the otherwise stereotypical Spartan soldier look.

1 Iron Man

The Iron Man Suit-Up Built in Emote for the Tony Stark skin in Fortnite Season 4

Available under the name ‘Tony Stark Outfit’, Iron Man features in Fortnite in Chapter 2: Season 4 Battle Pass. He initially appears in his usual comic-book/cinematic self, sporting hexagonal shades, a black goatee, and his arc reactor that is engrained into his chest.

His black t-shirt (with grey patches on the shoulder) can be changed to other colors like silver, gold, and holo-foil while he can also wear his iconic red-and-gold armor. The armored suit tends to be similar to the Mark III suit in the first Iron Man film, notably so for its Unibeam and repulsors.

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