Inside the New Available Skins

In addition to the new skins, Fortnite is also introducing a new, soccer-themed game that will be available in creative mode. The full description explains that “players will use their bodies, pickaxes, power-ups, speed boosts, and more to try to outscore their opponents and come out the winner in this 4v4 bracket style game mode. Each game features two rounds, with the winners advancing to face off against and the other team battling for 3rd and 4th in the other match.” 

Although there are plenty of teams included in the new skins, there are also some notable omissions to the list of available skins. Bayern Munich is among those teams absent, as well as a number of other European teams including Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea. Still, soccer fans won’t have much to complain about given the number of skins that are available. 

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