Hypex confirms a new Flash Skin could be released on February 10

Fortnite is one of the most successful games that has been released by Epic Games. The makers have constantly been adding a lot of new content to their game. But a number of data miners have been coming up with some interesting Fortnite leaks that have blown up the gaming community. To help you guys out, we have managed to bring in the latest Fortnite leaks right here. Read more to know about Fortnite. 

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Fortnite Flash skin

Fortnite makers have recently been making a lot of changes to their games. Their collaboration with DC and Marvel has certainly managed to gather a lot of gamers’ attention to the game. A recent Fortnite leak by popular dataminer, Hypez, shows an exciting Fortnite skin being released soon. The data miner took to his Twitter account to confirm that A Fortnite Flash skin is going to be released soon. Not only the skin, but the Flash cup is also being released. Nothing has been announced yet, but it is safe to assume that the Flash skin could be bought from the Fortnite item shop. Apart from this, Hypex also mentioned that the skin will release on February 10 and have Duo party size. Apart from this, we have managed to get another popular leak from the same data miner. 

Hypex also mentioned that Fortnite is going to have a collaboration with the popular game, Fall Guys soon. He took to his Twitter account and wrote, “Fall Guys will collab with Fortnite to make some skins in their game, the skins are: Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Bunny Brawler & Ripley.. via: @FNLeaksAndInfo, Do y’all think we will get their cosmetics in Fortnite too?” Apart from this leak, he also Tweeted, “Travis Scott *MIGHT* return on February 10 because that’s considered Travis Scott Day in some places!” Seeing some many of these Fortnite leaks has certainly managed to hype up the gamers and get them extremely excited. Well, for now, all  we can do is wait in for the skins to be released soon. 

Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel Studios has certainly gained a lot of attention on social media. The makers not only added the characters but also some challenges related to the superheroes which was certainly a huge success. For example, during this event, players were talking about the mysterious claw marks challenge that had been introduced to the game. Just like Deadpool and Aquaman skins were introduced, makers released a set of Wolverine challenges every week for some time. The players needed to complete all these weekly challenges in order to get the Wolverine skin in Fortnite.  

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