How to Use Wolverine’s Healing Power in Fortnite

After unlocking the Wolverine skin in Fortnite Season 4, players can heal as Wolverine to unlock another cosmetic from the set.

During Week 6 of Fortnite Season 4, players finally had the chance to unlock Wolverine, this season’s special skin. After 6 weeks of challenges, players could find and defeat the new Wolverine NPC boss in Weeping Woods to unlock the skin. What players may not know is there are two other Wolverine challenges this week. The first is to complete a combined 10 Weekly Challenges from Week 5 and Week 6 after unlocking the basic Wolverine skin to unlock the Classic Wolverine skin style. The second is to follow in the footsteps of the churlish, immortal mutant and regain health as Wolverine. The reward for completing this challenge is not as big as a skin or skin style variant, but it is still worth doing, especially for completionist players looking to unlock everything this season has to offer.

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The Wolverine NPC boss can self-heal and self-revive, making him easily one of the most dangerous and difficult NPCs Fortnite has ever conceived. Unfortunately, most players won’t be able to do this, even with Wolverine’s Claws, a new Mythic Weapon obtained by defeating Wolverine. Instead, players will need to opt for any of the old-fashioned methods of healing in Fortnite. They will unlock another Wolverine-themed cosmetic for doing so. Here’s how to heal as Wolverine in Fortnite Season 4.

How to Regain Health as Wolverine in Fortnite

Fortnite wolverine skin

To complete this challenge, players will first need to unlock the Wolverine skin. This may prove difficult during Week 6, as many players are likely to be flocking to the area for the same reason. Once players have unlocked the skin, they will need to equip it and join a match in any game mode.

Players will need to take damage of some kind. While the obvious choice is to find an opponent or henchman, this is risky. If players aren’t careful, they could be eliminated and lose any items they picked up. If they would prefer to avoid a confrontation with opponents, fall damage will also count. The player can fling themselves off tall structures they build themselves in Team Rumble mode and heal in between jumps, but this will likely take longer.

Because the skin doesn’t truly give players the powers of Wolverine, they will need to find a way to heal. Players can use any of the healing items available around the map, including Bandages, Chug Splash, Medkits, and food items. They need to regain 100 health to count as using Wolverine’s healing powers and complete the challenge.

For completing this challenge, the player will unlock a special Wolverine banner featuring Wolverine’s fist and extended claws. If players are looking to complete the set, they should also be sure to deal 200 damage with the Wolverine’s Claws Mythic Weapon to unlock the Weapon X emoticon.

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