How to Unlock The Fortnite NBA Basketball Skins

The NBA Basketball Skins are a great crossover with Epic’s Fortnite. This guide goes over where to find all of the content and how to unlock it.

Starting on May 21st, at 8 PM EST the NBA comes to Fortnite for the first time. Not only does a massive event known as The Crossover begin, but over 30 new skins featuring the teams of the NBA also join the fun. It’s a great collection of content for players to enjoy.

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Skins, accessories, and other cosmetics are unlocked in a variety of ways in Fortnite, so it can be confusing at times to know where to look to find the new stuff. The good news is that NBA fans should have no problem tracking down the new content so they can show their true colors in a match of Battle Royale.

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How to Unlock the Fortnite NBA Skins

Fortnite Playing Basketball

A lot of cosmetics in Fortnite are available by purchasing and leveling up the season’s Battle Pass. The new NBA skins, however, are instead purchased from the game store. To find the store, tab over to the right four times from the Play menu to access the Item Shop.

Players should look for the “In the Paint” item set. This new collection of skins features 31 game uniforms, including one from each team in the NBA. It’s an impressive collection, and literally has something for every fan of the NBA. If accessories and emotes are more interesting, then make sure to pick up the “Shoot & Score Pack” to snag the Hookshot Emote and the Mini Hoop Back Bling. This special new back bling can be set to display the logo of any team in the NBA. It’s possible to buy the Dribblin’ traversal Emote as well. This emote has characters doing exactly what the name of the emote suggests.

Not long after the launch of all of this new themed content comes two special player lockers. Selected by Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young, these selections of cosmetics will show up in the item shop for players to enjoy. Each feature emotes, back bling, harvesting tools, and wraps, and give players a sense of the style of these two incredible basketball stars.

Fortnite has seen a lot of crossovers in its history. The NBA making an appearance feels right in line with Epic’s ability to tap into the exciting pop culture and sports trends that are driving the internet wild. With the NBA Playoffs right around the corner, there has never been a better time to introduce basketball to the wild world of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

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