How to Throw Fruit at Hunter’s Haven (Week 13 Challenge)

A Week 13 challenge requires players to throw fruit in Hunter’s Haven in Fortnite. This guide will show players how to complete this challenge.

A new week means new challenges for Fortnite players to complete. This guide will show players how they can throw fruit at Hunter’s Haven. The newest season of Fortnite will soon be coming to a close, meaning all the content available in the battle pass will be locked away once it is over. Players are likely scrambling to complete as many challenges as possible to unlock these neat cosmetics. It’s extremely rare for battle pass items to return back into the shop rotation. Not only that, but there’s a sense of being there at that specific moment if you can rock the skins from that era. This guide will show players how they can throw fruit at Hunter’s Haven.

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For this challenge, players can complete it over multiple matches. As the challenge states, the player will need to head over to Hunter’s Haven which can be found to the right of Lazy Lake. The player should have already found all the marked locations on the map, making it easier to find. Players can also head straight south from the desert in the middle of the map. Once here, players will need to find the produce box. This guide will show players where they can find them.

How To Throw Fruit in Hunter’s Haven in Fortnite (Week 13)

As mentioned, players will need to head to Hunter’s Haven to the south of the desert. Once here, head to the house that is off the edge of the cliffside. If the player heads inside, they should find a box of produce that they can open up. Players can then pick up the fruit and place them in their inventory. For this challenge, players will need to throw fruit 3 times in different matches for it to count. Just throw the fruit around the room for it to count. To complete the challenge as fast as possible, just back out and return back to this location. Although, players may encounter opponents also landing in this area so be careful when landing. Once the challenge is completed, the player will earn experience towards their battle pass.

Fortnite will soon begin its next season and the theme is currently unknown. Every season is a big deal when it drops since it marks a new beginning for old and new players. It can be intimidating to try and jump into the game in the middle of the season. Try and gather as much XP as possible before it’s too late.

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