How to Tame Boars Outside of Colossal Crops

One of the last challenges of season 6 of Fortnite is to tame a boar outside of Colossal Crops. Learn how to find one and tame it with this guide.

Season 7 of Fortnite is just around the corner, but there is still a week left for players to complete challenges and earn XP toward completing their Battle Passes. This week, one of the new challenges is taming boars outside of Colossal Crops.

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Simply walking up to a boar will not produce the results a player is looking for. That is unless they want to be attacked without provocation. To tame a boar, players will need to do one of two specific things, and the guide below goes through how to accomplish the challenge successfully.

How to Tame Boars Outside of Colossal Crops in Fortnite

There are two ways to tame boars. Either come bearing gifts or approach while wearing a Hunter’s Cloak. Regardless of the approach, the best place to find boars near Colossal Crops is by heading to the animal pen southeast of the farm. The small fenced-in area is where boars often spawn.

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In the first case, “gift” means any type of consumable item like vegetables that the aggressive animals would be interested in eating. Make sure to stock up on several of the delectable treats before approaching a boar. For this challenge, the easiest veggie to track down is corn. It’s scattered all over the farm.

After the player grabs a few, they should head to the animal pen mentioned above. If all of the boars there have already been killed or tamed, there is another location east of Pleasant Park that’s worth trying as well. Players need to approach slowly, as to not alarm the boar and then throw the corn (or other vegetable item) to the ground. While the boar eats, they can sneak up and interact with it. This will tame the wild animal and coax it into becoming an ally.

The other means to tame a boar is by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak. Somewhat ironically, the cloak requires two animal bones and one piece of meat to make. As silly as it sounds, a good strategy here is to pick off a few of the boar to get the required materials. Retreat to a safe location and craft the cloak. And finally, return to the boar spawn point, while wearing the newly crafted cloak, and tame one of the remaining boars. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or is that human in boar’s clothing?

The good news is that players only need to tame a boar one time for the challenge to complete, so they won’t need to hunt around the map looking for boars to subdue. It’s a relatively easy task that nets 24,000 XP, so it’s absolutely worth doing.

Fortnite continues to add fun and interesting challenges to the game, and if the creativity keeps up, season 7 is sure to be a blast. The wait isn’t much longer now!

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