How to Still Use Fortnite ‘Pay-to-Win’ Skins Post 15.3 Update


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In the V15.30 update, we were told that Epic Games would nerf the ability to use “Pay-to-Win” skins in the game. These are skins that are either completely black or completely white and make it almost impossible to sport the person wearing them in a dark room. While Fortnite has improved the lighting in many parts on the map, people have found a new glitch to use these skins still.

You know what they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Twitter user GlitchKing15, was the one who found both the will and the way.

The way to glitch the game to wear these skins still is a bit difficult, but well worth it if you want to gain an advantage on your opponents. The steps are as followed:

1. Equip your Custom Superhero skin and select “edit style”

2. Then go to “secondary color” and put the very last color on the list, it looks like a dark blue. Then hit “save and exit”

3. Now go to “edit style” again and go to “primary color” and press white (or black for black) .

4. Then go to “secondary color” and press white. It should have an exclamation mark over the color.

5. Now go back to the “primary color” and press white again.

You should now have the custom white or black superhero skin. However, Fortnite will probably catch onto this glitch soon so enjoy it while you can.

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