How to skip Fortnite intro after the game loads

At the start of every Fortnite season, players are greeted with a cinematic that automatically plays after the game loads, though many would like to know how to skip Fortnite intros. These trailers are usually really well done, with excellent animation and striking visions bringing the animated world of Fortnite to life.

But some players just want to jump into the game and don’t prefer watching the intro. Skipping through a Fortnite intro video is not very challenging.

This article will guide players on how to skip Fortnite intros videos in Fortnite.

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A guide on how to skip Fortnite intros

Skipping intros in Fortnite is easy (Image via Fortnite Twitter)
Skipping intros in Fortnite is easy (Image via Fortnite Twitter)

Players wanting to know how to skip Fortnite intros should be informed that it is pretty straightforward. When it starts playing after the game loads, PC players need to press the escape button.

After they press this button, players will see a small arrow appear on the lower right corner of their respective screens. They need to click on it, and that will allow them to skip the rest of the video and jump straight into the game’s start-up page.

PlayStation players need to press the X button from their controllers to skip the video.

On the Xbox side of things, users need to press the A button to do the same, while gamers on Nintendo Switch need to press the B button to skip these Fortnite intros.

Keeping the above-stated buttons held down will see a little button prompt appear in the screen’s lower right-hand corner (just like on the PC). Once the circle icon gets filled, the cinematic will be skipped, and players can dive immediately into the game.

Nevertheless, Fortnite’s intro videos aren’t very time-consuming and are well designed and curated. They seldom include some exciting spoilers as well.

Therefore, players are recommended to watch these videos a minimum of once before leaning how to skip Fortnite intros entirely.

Fortnite Season 7 is hitting PCs and consoles on June 8th, and will include a new intro cinematic along with new weapons, skins, and battle pass.

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