How To Ride A Loot Shark At Sweaty Sands

Well, I’m not sure how many Fortnite seasons are going to be led by Marvel or DC characters in the future, but first we had Deadpool, and now we have Aquaman in here Chapter 2, season 3.

Another Aquaman challenge has gone live today, which asks the following:

Use a Fishing Pole to ride behind a loot shark at Sweaty Sands

So uh, what’s the deal with those one? Unless you’ve done this already you might not have any idea what’s being talked about here. We saw Meowscles riding behind a shark in the season 3 trailer, and yet yes, you can actually do that in the game itself, if you haven’t figured that out yet.

Step one for this challenge is to figure out what’s happened to Sweaty Sands, which is in the same place on the map, but like almost everything, has been flooded pretty severely:

Then you grab a fishing pole, which are pretty plentiful by the water. But you are not going to be looking for your usual fishing spots.

Rather, the water is now filled with dangerous sharks. To be clear all sharks you see are loot sharks, there aren’t just special loot-based ones. If you kill them, they drop loot, if you get too close, they will kill you in about two bites. Yes I got eaten while attempting to take screenshots for this challenge at least once.

What you’re going to need to do is cast a fishing pole near a shark, and they do get pretty close to shore, so this shouldn’t be that hard. Once the shark bites you will take off like a rocket behind it, essentially waterskiing on your free. The challenge will be completed at this point if you’ve done this at Sweaty Sands.

You can steer the shark like you would a boat, and it’s a way to quickly get between islands along with having something dangerous to wield. You can eat swimmers, crash it into boats, and even take the shark up onto land to a certain extent. And once you’re done with it, it’s kind of mean, but you can execute the shark for some loot. Sad, but profitable!

Anyway, the reward for the Aquaman challenge this season is just a skin, but I think you do have to complete it to get the next challenge next week, which should be the trident, which is a much more significant prize. See you out there, and steer clear of my shark.

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