How to Revive Teammates (Pro 100 Challenge)

The Cosmic Summer event has brought along a slew of new Fortnite challenges. This guide will show players how to revive teammates for Pro 100.

The Pro 100 challenges are here for the Cosmic Summer event in Fortnite. This guide will show players how they can complete the “Revive 20 Teammates” challenge. Fortnite continues to introduce new seasonal events for its players to enjoy. With the season being themed around an alien invasion and this event being here to celebrate the kickoff of the Summer, Epic Games has decided to combine the two for an out-of-this-world experience. Players are able to unlock exclusive Cosmic Summer skins for a variety of older Fortnite characters like Midas who makes a return after not being around for several seasons. For the Cosmic Summer event, the Pro 100 game mode is here and functions as a challenging team deathmatch between two teams. It comes along with its own set of challenges that players will want to complete for XP towards their battle pass. Here is how players can complete the “Revive 20 Teammates” challenge in Fortnite.

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The challenge can be difficult to complete if the player has never touched Pro 100. Unlike the battle royale, players are thrown into a smaller indoor area where the team with the most kills is the winner. The difficulty here with the challenge is that players can die so quickly in this game mode, making it difficult to collect enough revives. There are a few things players can do to increase their chances of completing this challenge. This guide will show players how.

How To Revive Your Teammates in Pro 100 in Fortnite

Fortnite Summer Midas Skin Outfit

Here are a few ways for players to easily complete this challenge.

  • Play With Friends: Players can play with their friends and stick close to them. Once they get knocked down (on purpose even), the player can quickly revive them. There will need to be a player on the team who is willing to fall many times for the greater good.
  • Communicate With Randoms: If the player is unable to convince their friends to get online, mention it to your teammates. Fortnite players are pretty kind when it comes to completing challenges. If they’re lucky, they might have the same goals in mind.

Obtaining 20 revives can take players several rounds to complete the challenge. Since this is an event challenge, players should try and get this out of the way as fast as they can. It’s easily one of the more difficult challenges to complete since it’s so heavily dependent on teamwork. Playing with friends is the fastest way to complete this challenge.

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