How To Release Slurp Into The Atmosphere (Xtravaganza Week 4 Challenge)

Fortnite Xtravaganza week 4 requires players to release slurp into the atmosphere, and this guide will show players what that actually means.

As Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 comes to an end, the last week of Xtravangaza challenges is here. Players who still have yet to reach level 100, or who want to unlock the slick gold and silver skin variants, will easily be able to do so by completing all Xtravanganza week 4 challenges in Fortnite. One of which requires players to release slurp into the atmosphere which is a bit of a crytpic quest if players don’t know what they’re looking for.

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Slurp is the given name for the blue fluid Fortnite characters consume to gain shield. Slurp can be found in small containers called minis or larger pots called big shields. They can also come in a six-pack of cans called Chug Splashes, but none of these will help the player release slurp into the atmosphere. This guide will show players how they can easily release slurp into Fortnite’s atmosphere to complete the Xtravaganze week 4 challenge and gain 20,000 XP.

Release Slurp Into The Atmosphere In Fortnite

Fortnite Slurp Barrels

While the clue challenge’s name may seem puzzling, the challenge is really quite simple. All players need to do is break open structures in the overworld that release slurp once they’ve been broken. These can be barrels, silos, trucks, or any other slurp filled items. Once broken, the player will receive shield, and slurp will be released into the atmosphere. There is also a super-fast way to complete this challenge, and here is how to do just that.

Players who want to get this task over with quickly should head to Slurpy Swamp as this POI is oozing with slurp filled structures. Players will need to destroy three structures in order to complete this challenge, and Slurpy Swap has slurp barrels every few feet that the player can break open with their pickaxes. Some barrels are even found in groups of three or on top of pallets which makes it even easier to break them open quickly. However, slurp barrels can be found all over the map at different POIs, and there are several slurp trucks scattered around the map that reward players with large amounts of health and shield. But no other POI has a number of slurp barrels as dense as Slurpy Swamp making it the ideal location to complete this challenge.

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