How to redeem free Fish Spray in June

To partner with Fortnite’s Fishstick Janky Bling, which could be unlocked in the first page of the Battle Pass, the June Fish spray is available to players for free. The spray pictures Fishstick holding a guitar, dressed in summer attire, and surrounded by multiple flowers.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

This spray plays off of the Cosmic Summer event that Fortnite recently brought into Season 7 along with the alien theme. Several other sprays that players can unlock feature main characters like Rich Sanchez, Sunny and the Kymera customizable skin.

June Fish Spray code in Fortnite

To redeem this code, players need to travel to the Fortnite website through Epic Games and find the bar where the code can be typed in. The June Fish spray is an uncommon wall spray that players can use to mark their territory and show off.

It was leaked and teased over before Season 7’s launch and gave players quite a bit to be excited about. Here’s the code to redeem the Fish Spray:

When typed in, players can log in to their Fortnite account and obtain this spray to spread summer fun across the map. An interesting thing to note about this spray is that it pictures a fish with hands and fingers like a person instead of fins.

Players need to have two-factor authentication enabled for their Fortnite account in order for the redeemable code to work. Other cool items that Epic Games has available for free, like the Easy Life lobby track, can be obtained just as easily.

Fortnite typically gives out a handful of free locker room items with every season, and the June Fish spray is certainly a good one to grab. As Fortnite’s Season 7 continues to progress and release new content, like the 17.10 update, more free content is sure to follow.

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