How to play Last Log and Return to Raz in Fortnite? New Missions in Update 16.10

Fortnite Season 6 has introduced a lot of new game modes. The Fortnite 16.10 update was released yesterday and a lot of new content was added to the game. A couple of the new missions that have been added to the game includes completing the missions of the Last Log and Return to Raz, among others. Read on to know how to play the Last Log and Return to Raz missions. 

How to Play the Last Log and Return to Raz in Fortnite?

The Last Log and Return to Raz are part of the 6 Spire challenges that have come in Week 3 of Season 6 after the update. In the first two weeks of the season, there weren’t many challenges apart from the Weekly and Legendary challenges. However, since the 16.10 March update, 6 new Spire challenges have been unlocked. We will be focusing on the Last Log and Return to Raz missions. So, where is the Last Log in Fortnite?

Before players can attempt the Last Log and Return to Raz challenges, they will have to finish ‘Find the Thief’ mission. In this mission, players will come to know that Raz is the thief. Raz can be found in the middle of the Colossal Corps. Then players will have to go to the Last Log mission. Players can find the Last Log device on the south portion of the Colossal Corps. Finish the Last Log and Return to Raz in the middle of Colossal Corps and your mission will be finished. You can take a look at the video down below on how to solve each of the spire quests.

Fortnite Update 16.10 Patch Notes 

Fortnite patch 16.10 released on 04:00 AM ET or 08:00 UTC on March 30. Many new skins and cosmetics were added to the game, along with a new game mode; the spring break mode in this update. Read further ahead for the Fortnite 16.10 patch notes, as revealed on Twitter by Fortnite. 

  • A new apex predator stalks the Island Crafting and loot adjustments!
  • Creative Powerups now support Team, Class, and All combinations
  • Coming April 3rd at 8 PM ET: new Save the World Ventures Season
  • Primal Shotgun fire rate reduced Makeshift Shotgun adjustments
  • Crafting material costs now scale with Makeshift rarity
  • Animal Bones and Mechanical Parts can appear as added floor loot
  • As a reminder, the Zero Crisis Finale will remain available as a playlist until the downtime for v16.10.
  • Also, please note that the patch size will be larger than normal on PC.

Image Source: Fortnite Twitter 

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