How to Play Lara Croft’s Manor in Fortnite Creative

Every new update to Fortnite gives players countless reasons to keep coming back to the game. This guide shows how to access Croft Manor Experience.

There is always something new to check out when playing Fortnite. The game has managed to keep players coming back for more over the last couple of years due to the sheer amount of regular content and updates that are added into the game semi-regularly. With each new update, players get to check out different game modes, a rotating list of weapons and items, and even a large host of different costumes and character skins.

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One of the biggest changes to the game though comes whenever Epic Games does a crossover with another major piece of media. The most recent crossover event has been with the massively popular Tomb Raider series, which has come with some themed cosmetic items as well as a new experience called Croft Manor in Fortnite Creative. This guide shows players how to access the new Croft Manor experience for themselves.

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Fortnite: How to Play Croft’s Manor

Fortnite Season 6 Lara Croft

The new Croft’s Manor experience allows players to explore Lara Croft’s home where it seems some very strange things have been happening. Lara’s butler, Winston, says that some strange sounds and lights have been coming from within the manor and he needs someone to go investigate. Players are able to complete this mission either by themselves or with a group of friends if they so wish. Those who make it through to the very end though will uncover a secret code that will allow them to obtain a Lara Croft themed spray that can be used whenever the player wishes.

Accessing the Croft Manor game is actually pretty simple at this time. From the main menu of Fortnite players will be able to select it from the game mode listings as it is currently one of the featured game modes. If players start a Creative game they will also be able to find the portal there as it will be one of the featured modes there as well. Both of these options will only be available until March 31st though. After that, if the player wants to access Croft Manor they will need to input the code 0116-9392-3142.

No matter which way the player uses to get to Croft Manor they will first find themselves in a kind of Hub area. Here they will find several portals leading to different community-created levels. One of these will give the player access to Croft Manor.

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Fortnite can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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