How to make walls invisible in Fortnite with easy exploit


by Eli Becht

Epic Games

A new exploit has been discovered in Fortnite that allows players to make walls completely invisible, which is bound to give some players an unfair advantage over others.

It seems like each day there are more and more Fortnite bugs uncovered and this latest one is quite game-breaking. One player discovered there’s a way to make walls appear invisible, which will allow you to see enemies while also remaining completely safe from harm.

What makes this bug even worse is it’s extremely easy to do. Reddit user Vaskss showcased what the walls look like from your perspective and explained how to do it in just a sentence.

“To do this you need to break the amount you want gone,” they said. “Then you need to click your Repair and Edit button At the same time and it should work (Brick works Best).”

Obviously, those are very simple instructions as all you’ll have to do is pickaxe the wall until it gets as damaged as you’d like and then you’re in business. Of course, your enemy will have the same point of view you do, but they just won’t know you’re well protected.

This issue definitely seems like something that would have to be patched sooner rather than later but with communication dying down in Fortnite Season 2, there’s no telling when a fix will arrive. The developers used to be quite active on Reddit, but now the comments are becoming few and far between.

Another wall edit bug has popped up.

Once enough players learn how to perform this exploit, it’ll definitely be abused so it’d be nice to see Epic address this one as soon as they can.

Long-time players will remember that walls used to be see-through when you held the edit and Epic decided that provided too much of an advantage and subsequently removed it.

It just looks like that removal was short-lived so players are once able to take advantage of it, albeit until whenever it gets patched.

We’ll keep you updated if and when Epic responds to this new exploit.

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