How to interact with Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board

The new Fortnite Battle Pass system rewards players who complete challenges quickly. Instead of having to wait for a tier 100 skin or a really good item, players can buy them whenever they earn enough battle stars. Even the best items can be purchased whenever players earn enough battle stars. Most available items, even the skins, cost around 5 battle stars, so players can earn rewards quickly by completing challenges.

The first week of challenges involves quite a bit of interacting with certain things at different points, and it is certainly possible to complete multiple challenges in one match. This is also true if you’re playing in the Limited Time Mode that allows players to drop multiple times.

Week 1’s challenges have been released along with the new season, and there are plenty of interesting ones to complete. One of these challenges players to interact with Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board. Bunker Jonesy is a relatively reserved and hidden NPC, so finding his board can be difficult.

How to find Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board in Fortnite

Players can see where to find all 17 new Fortnite NPCs here, including Bunker Jonesy. Unlike the other NPCs, Bunker Jonesy doesn’t live in a named location, or even a named landmark.

Bunker Jonesy. Image via Elecspo
Bunker Jonesy. Image via Elecspo

Bunker Jonesy lives alone in a cabin at the bottom of the map, fitting for Bunker Jonesy to remove himself from the rest of the Fortnite world. The cabin is almost in the direct middle at the very bottom of the map.

Players can land nearby and run down the mountain to the cabin, which is only slightly hidden from view. Inside the cabin, players will find Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board. The board can be found right inside the door. Bunker Jonesy’s cabin is a mess, but that’s fitting for such a character. Some Fortnite players have already completed this and many other challenges.

Bunker Jonesy with pickaxe. Image via UHD Wallpaper
Bunker Jonesy with pickaxe. Image via UHD Wallpaper

Completing this challenge only requires landing at and interacting with the conspiracy board once, unlike other challenges that require interactions with multiple things. Fortnite’s Week 1 Challenges and Chapter 2 Season 7 are out now.

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