How to Hit an Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Zero Point Dashing

This guide details an easy method for completing the “hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing” challenge in Fortnite.

This week’s Legendary Quest in Fortnite instructs players to hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing, and it may appear to be quite difficult to complete upon first glance. That said, there is a tactic that fans can use to make this challenge extremely easy, and those that employ it should finish the task in no time at all. Detailing the tactic is the precise purpose of this guide, and Fortnite players will find all of the information that they need in what follows.

To begin, it may be relevant to clarify exactly how to perform a Zero Point Dash in Fortnite. Simply, this ability becomes available after a Fortnite fan consumes a Zero Point Crystal or a Zero Point Fish, and it is executed by jumping and then pressing the jump input again when in the air. While either of the aforementioned consumables are perfectly suitable for completing the Week 12 Legendary Quest, Zero Point Crystals are what players will be targeting for the easy method.

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For the uninitiated, Zero Point Crystals are the small pink crystals that can be found on the ground in the desert near Fortnite‘s Zero Point. If there are none on the ground, then players should try hitting the large Zero Point Shards, which also appear in the desert, with a Harvesting Tool, as this will cause the consumable to drop. Then, once a Zero Point Crystal has been located, players should approach and press the input that appears onscreen to ingest it.

With all of this established, it is now possible to detail how to easily hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing, and it requires players to obtain some healing items and wait for the storm to close in around the desert. When these two prerequisites have been met, fans should consume a Zero Point Crystal and then Zero Point Dash while standing in the storm. Indeed, the challenge will progress each time a player is damaged by Fortnite‘s storm after Dashing, and they should activate the ability repeatedly, using healing items as needed, until they finish the task.

While this may not be the most honorable way to complete the “hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing” challenge, it is undoubtedly the easiest approach. As such, fans that are looking to level up fast in Fortnite Season 5 should certainly think about using it, as it will expedite their XP gains considerably.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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