How To Get Your Free ‘Fall Guys’ Skin And Kudos

From one perspective, the most important perspective, Fall Guys had an incredible first week. The game saw over 2 million sales on Steam and who knows how many free players coming through PlayStation Plus. That amount of activity comes with aw price, however, especially for a smaller game without the massive resources of a major publisher. And so there was no shortage of connectivity issues as developer Mediatonic got things up to speed, but they seem to have been largely handled by this point. And now there’s some free goodies for anyone that bore with them.

If you log into the game at any point before midnight tonight—that’s August 12, 2020—you’ll get the free “Prickles” skin, which is a cactus on the top and a pot on the bottom. As a bonus, you can put all sorts of other stuff in the pot: wolf in a pot! Gordon Freeman in a pot! And so on, it’s a versatile lower.

You’ll also get 5,000 Kudos, free to spend on whatever you like.

I’m deeply curious to see how this game propels itself forward from insta-hit status. A game like Fortnite or Rocket League has a whole lot more mechanical depth by default: Fall Guys is much simpler, on purpose. While that dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for new players, it might make it harder to retain and hook ones that try it out for a weekend. A healthy rotation of new modes would help with that, but higher-skill games sort of negate the purpose of Fall Guys in the first place.

My hunch is that the game will continue to do well, but not explode in quite the same way as it could. If it can make it onto Switch and mobile, however, it could get a major second wind that could carry it forward into a whole new casual audience. We’ll see how things develop, but I’m bullish on the thing overall. Unique experiences are few and far between, but this qualifies.

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