How to get Twitch FNCS Number one back bling in Fortnite Season 7

It is the free-to-play season again in Fortnite as the game gives away multiple exclusive skins for free. Players have a chance to stream Twitch and earn a few rewards for free.

The reward fest is courtesy of the ongoing FNCS tournaments where pros are going against one another for glory. However, casual players now have more incentive to support their favorite pros in these tournaments.

There are a few exclusive rewards that they can earn by streaming FNCS content. These rewards are not new, and veteran players might boast a collection of FNCS exclusive back blings from Chapter 2 Season 3.

The default Number One back bling looked very similar to the real-life cheer hand most people commonly find at stadiums.

Here are all the All-Star cosmetic players can hope to earn by streaming FNCS this year:

  • Uncommon spray: All-Star
  • Uncommon Spray: Direct Hit
  • Epic Golden Number One Back Bling
  • Unlock the Default Number One Back Bling
  • Uncommon emoticon: Buff Bash
  • Uncommon Loading Screen: The Sky is Lava

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How to get the Number One back bling in Fortnite

There are a few things players need to make sure of before streaming FNCS content on Twitch. First, the Twitch account needs to be linked to the Epic Games account of the player. This step is vital for the rewards to appear in the game.

The Number One back bling in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
The Number One back bling in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Another critical step is to watch an FNCS stream with the banner “Drops Enabled.” Players need to garner a watch of 15 minutes per gift, so the process will be quite a long one, but if they enjoy the tournaments, then acquiring these gifts will not feel like a grind.

They should receive a notification if they unlock any gifts during watch time. The Golden Number One back bling might be the best of the free rewards, and fans will want to grab it and pair it up with other golden costumes in the game.

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