How to get the Stark Industries Iron Man Jetpack in the game?

Epic Games recently rolled out a new Fortnite update v14.50 which brings a number of new features to the battle royale game. While there are a bunch of interesting features, one of the biggest highlights is the addition of the Iron Man jetpack, which has been dubbed as the ‘Stark Industries Jetpack’.

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The sound files for the Stark Industries jetpack were leaked online and claimed that it was related to the Iron Man jetpack gadget. The jetpacks were available in Fortnite over two years ago; however, they were later removed from the game. With the Stark Industries jetpack, players will be able to get their hands on the new Iron Man-themed skin and use it in-game. Needless to say, the new Iron Man Jetpack Fortnite also comes with a number of improvements compared to the ones we have seen in 2018 during Chapter 1.

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How to get Stark Industries Iron Man Jetpack in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, there is not a fixed place on the map where players can find the new Iron Man Jetpack Fortnite. The jetpack spawns at random locations across the map as a floor loot item. This means that you will need to keeping searching for the item until you finally obtain it as floor loot. However, you should note that this item won’t be appearing in cheats. Therefore, it is suggested that you start visiting the loot locations to improve your chances of obtaining the item. However, the item spawns at random locations, therefore it is advised that you keep yourself engaged and try eliminating opponents to better your chances further.

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As of right now. it is not clear as to how long the Stark Jetpack Fortnite will be available in the game. According to a few reports online, it could be available throughout the ongoing season, but there are no official reports on the same. Also, it is not known if there will be more Fortnite jetpacks in the upcoming season.

Fortnite is currently in Chapter 2, Season 4 which may soon reach its conclusion. The game is available across the Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android platforms

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