How To Get The Shanty For A Squad Emote

One day, when the squaddin is done, we’ll take our dub and go!

The Shanty For A Squad Emote has been added into Fortnite, and it’s simultaneously the best and worst thing you’ll see this week.

Fortnite never fails to keep up to date with the latest trends and implement them into it’s hit Battle Royale game. They might have hit it straight out of the park with this one, players can now get a brand new emote based on the hit TikTok Sea Shanty song. You can check out the official video from Fortnite showcasing the new emote below.

Read on for the DualShockers guide on everything you need to know about the new Shanty Emote.

New Shanty For A Squad Emote

If you’ve watched the official video showcasing the new emote, you’ll probably think it sounds eerily similar to something you’ve heard before. That’s because it’s based on the famous TikTok shanty song that’s been making the rounds recently. The song was made famous by TikTok user Nathan Evans, who was officially credited in the Fortnite tweet.

When you use the new emote, your character will begin banging a drum and singing the famous shanty song. However, the song has been adapted to feature Fortnite related lyrics. The emote can also be used with your fellow squad mates! If activated at the same time, you and your squad will sync up and start singing the shanty together.

The new emote will cost 500 V-Bucks and is in the Item Shop today (March 4, 2021). The shanty for a squad emote is sure to be a popular one in Fortnite. So, Make sure to grab it before it goes away!

Fortnite V15.50 Update

Fortnite v15.50 went live on March 2 and is the final update before Season 6 begins. There were some new additions and a lot of fixes, you can check out the patch notes for v15.50 here.

When Does Chapter 2: Season 6 Start?

It looks like Chapter 2: Season 6 will begin as Season 5 ends on March 15, 2021. But nothing is official as of writing, you can check out the DualShockers guide to Season 6 where we look at the latest leaks and give our predictions.

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