How to Get the Fortnite Grave Feather Skin and Night Flight Set

If you have already visited Fortnite‘s Item Shop today, then you have probably spotted the new Fortnite Grave Feather skin bundled with and a new set of cosmetics.

Every now and then, Fortnite’s Item Shop reveals some surprising outfits and bundles and that’s why you need to keep an eye out for the market. The brand new addition is an epic bundle including new skin and other cosmetics. Let’s see how you can acquire it.

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How to Get the Fortnite Grave Feather Skin

Unfortunately, there is no way to acquire this new skin other than purchasing it through the Fortnite Item Shop with your V Bucks.

However, you can decide to acquire the skin itself separately or get the full bundle. The Night Flight Set bundle includes Razor Wing, Weeping Crow, and Bladed Cage as well as the Grave Feather skin.

How Much Does the Skin and Bundle Cost?

  • Grave Feather Skin: 1500 V Bucks
  • Night Flight Set: 2300 V Bucks

Fortnite’s new season officially started a few weeks earlier by announcing a brand new single-player story-driven quest and showcasing a cinematic story trailer, which created a bunch of question marks in the mind of every Fortnite fan.

The cinematic trailer revealed some new characters and factions such as The Foundation and Geno, who’s full identity are yet to be explained to the players in the next seasons of the game. Currently, Agent Jones’s mission is to fix the Zero point using The Foundation’s help.

Fortnite is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Android devices, and PC. The iOS version of the game is still in a suspended situation due to the ongoing clash between Epic Games and Apple.

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