How to get the Deathstroke skin for free in Season 6

The Deathstroke skin has been confirmed by Epic Games, and every Fortnite player has a chance to collect the skin for free from an in-game event.

Based on the official release from Epic Games, Fortnite is preparing for a Deathstroke Zero Cup that will allow players to win the Deathstroke skin for themselves. It has also been confirmed that an in-game Deathstroke-themed spray will also be released along with the Deathstroke Zero Cup.

Epic Games has also confirmed that the Deathstroke in-game spray will be awarded to every player who participates and earns at least eight points in the Deathstroke Zero Cup in Fortnite. The official post has also confirmed that the Deathstroke Zero Cup will be held on May 27th for players to compete and claim the DC-themed outfit in Fortnite.

Here’s everything that players need to know about the upcoming Deathstroke Zero outfit in Fortnite.

Deathstroke Zero Cup in Fortnite

Scheduled to be released on May 27th, Deathstroke’s Katanas will serve as both a back-bling as well as a pickaxe in Fortnite. The Katanas are included as part of the Deathstroke Zero Outfit in Fortnite, meaning players won’t have to perform additional tasks to claim them.

Considering these factors, the earliest available method for players to claim the Deathstroke Zero skin is by participating in the respective in-game event and fulfilling the necessary criteria to unlock the outfit. However, players who miss out on grabbing the Deathstroke Zero skin for free will be able to purchase the same from the Item Shop on June 1st.

After months of speculation and rumors about the protagonist of DC Comics’ arrival in Fortnite, the final rendition of the Deathstroke Zero outfit has eventually been confirmed by Epic Games.

The visual appearance of the skin based on the revealed images seems to be well-designed. However, the skin’s appearance, in motion, remains to be seen after it is officially introduced in Fortnite.

Considering the massive hype surrounding the release of Deathstroke as a part of the Fortnite x Batman Zero Point comic books, it is safe to say that most Fortnite fans will be looking to participate in the Deathstroke Zero Cup to grab the exclusive outfit for free.

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