How to get the BoardWalk Ruby skin in Fortnite Season 7

Epic has recently released the v17.10 update for Fortnite Season 7. The update brought some significant changes to the game and introduced several summer-themed cosmetics, including BoardWalk Ruby.

The v17,10 update was significant in terms of improving the gameplay of Fortnite Season 7. The developers also fixed minor glitches to make the game even better.

Epic has added tons of exciting features to the island. It was recently revealed that the Alien Mothership could abduct loopers with the help of special UFOs. The publisher has also introduced Alien Parasites and new NPCs that include Beach Brutus.

The update has rolled out several summer-themed cosmetics, and gamers are eager to learn more about the Boardwalk Ruby skin.

This article will guide gamers on how to get the coveted summer-themed Ruby skin in Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7: Boardwalk Ruby Skin up for grabs in the Item Shop

The Fortnite Boardwalk Ruby skin is one of the many summer-themed cosmetics to be released in Fortnite. Epic recently released the Cosmic Summer event, which will run until the first week of July.

Ruby is one of the few characters in Fortnite that has a cult-like fan base. As a result, gamers often look forward to Fortnite leaks from data miners to get hold of any information regarding Ruby cosmetics.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 offers gamers the Shadow Ruby cosmetic from the Street Shadow bundle. The coveted character is back in the game, and gamers are hyped up to get their hands upon this character.

The Boardwalk Ruby cosmetic is available in the Item Shop. Gamers can purchase this rare outfit for 1200 V-Bucks. Players will be getting the iconic cosmetic and the “Translucent Tote” back bling.

The Hot Rod Piper Pickaxe is available in the Item Shop. Gamers can get hold of this to complete the summer Ruby outfit. However, the pickaxe will cost an extra 500 V-Bucks. Therefore, players will need to pay a total of 1700 V-bucks to get hold of every item related to Boardwalk Ruby.

Loopers have more reason to celebrate as Brutus is back in Fortnite as NPC boss. The popular character was away from the island for a long time, and Epic decided it was time to bring him back as part of the Cosmic Summer celebration.

Players will be able to encounter Beach Brutus NPC in the Believer Beach POI and interact with Brutus. However, he does not contain any mythical weapon. Therefore, players will not benefit from eliminating this NPC in Fortnite.

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