How to Get Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe For Free in Fortnite

tactical quaxes pickaxe fortnite

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The first major update of Fortnite Season 6 has arrived and with it comes an opportunity to grab a free pickaxe.

As part of the v16.10 update, we have the start of the Spring Breakout event that gives players a bunch of new content to explore and even the opportunity to earn a free pickaxe.

Like previous events of this nature, this will be available to anybody who plays Fortnite and all of the players who put in the work to get the pickaxe.

This Tactical Quaxes pickaxe will be available to all players who complete the first Legendary Quest from Webster.

How to Get a Free Pickaxe

fortnite v16.10 patch notes

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The pickaxe itself will be very easy to get, especially since all you have to do is complete a single challenge.

This is a much better method than the Heart’s Wild event where Epic eventually apologized because of how disliked that method was for getting cosmetics.

For Spring Breakout, all you have to do is complete this Legendary quest, provided the leak is accurate and this is the quest:

  • Forage Bouncy Eggs hidden around the island (0/10/20/30/40/50)

After you do that, the pickaxe will be all yours. New challenges go live on April 1, so that will be the first day you’re able to grab this pickaxe.

What Else Does Spring Breakout Have?

fortnite webster skin free

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There’s a lot more than just a free pickaxe up for grabs here as you also have the chance to get a free skin too.

The Webster skin is available for an elite group of players who place high enough in the Spring Knockout Cup. This is a Duos tournament, so grab a friend and see what you can do.

If you don’t manage to secure the skin and its back bling for free, fear not as it’ll also be coming to the Item Shop at a later date.

egg launcher fortnite

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Also making a return is the Egg Launcher, something that longtime players of the game might remember.

Essentially, this is just a reskinned grenade launcher, but there might be some tweaks that players will want to keep an eye on.

Since Season 6 is all about crafting weapons, it makes sense that this will be a gun that will have to be built.

In the Spring Breakout blog post, we learn that there will be eggs on the island that have to be collected in order for us to build this gun.

“Speaking of Quests, the Egg Launcher returns and you can also be on the lookout for a new type of forageable egg on the Island. Consuming these eggs will bring a hop to your step.”

We’ll see if these eggs stick around for the remainder of this season or if they’ll just be here for the Spring Breakout event. All in all, this looks like a solid update, so make sure you get in there and see what’s new.

At the very least, you’ll want to make sure you get your free pickaxe before it disappears for good.

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