How to Get Stars in Overwatch Archives

Overwatch Archives will reward players with Stars that they can spend on skins. This guide will show players how they can obtain stars for this event.

Stars are a new currency introduced in Overwatch. This guide will show players how they can get them in Overwatch Archives. This event has returned in 2021 and features a bunch of new skins for some of your favorite characters. Loot boxes functioned as a way for players to get a chance to unlock some of the better-looking skins. The rarer the skin, the better and more elaborate the design would be. In this case, the Archives event provides players with a new method of unlocking skins and that would be collecting Stars. This guide will show players how they can earn the most Stars to unlock every skin for this event.

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Similar to titles like Fortnite and Animal Crossing, certain cosmetics are only available for a limited time. This is to push players to participate in these events to unlock them and not miss out. Once the event is over, these skins are typically thrown back into the vault to never see the light of day again. There’s a form of bragging rights that comes along with being there and unlocking everything while it’s happening. Here is how players can unlock Stars for the Overwatch Archives event.

How To Get Stars For Overwatch Archives

Polyanitsa Zarya Overwatch Archives 2021

The way players can earn Stars is by completing the Archives Co-Op missions. This consists of Storm Rising, Uprising, and Retribution. Players can head online and play with friends or go on matchmaking to form a group with randoms. Depending on how well your team performs in these game modes determines how many Stars you’ll get rewarded with at the end. The better you do, the more Stars you’ll get. It factors in how fast you complete the challenge, what difficulty the challenge is being played on, how far you get, and more. Alternatively, players can complete the weekly features mission which will provide the player with double the amount of Stars.

The new skin is available every week so make sure to check in and see if it’s something you are interested in. While this is happening, Overwatch 2 is currently under development behind closed doors. It will be interesting to see how that title will bring in skins from the original. It’s unlikely the game will abandon the older skins since players have invested tons of time (and money in some cases) into unlocking them all. Regardless, make sure to participate in the Archives event to unlock all of its new content.

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Overwatch is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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