How to Get Gold Bars In Season 7

Fortnite Gold Bars are a valuable resource that was introduced in Chapter 2 – Season 5. Players use this resource to buy items and services from non-playable characters over the island. Furthermore, the Gold Bars are the only way of obtaining some of the strongest weapons in the game.

Season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale has brought big changes to Gold Bars and how players can obtain them. Because of that, many players struggle to earn them in the current season. This guide teaches you how to earn Fortnite Gold Bars in Season 7 so you can obtain valuable items and services with them.

Earning Fortnite Gold Bars in Season 7

There are several ways of making gold in the current season of Fortnite Battle Royale, but some of them are much more effective than others. Just like before, players can obtain Gold Bars by looting chests and destroying some objects, such as beds, cash registers, and couches. Additionally, players can earn this valuable resource by completing bounties and looting safes.

Fortnite Gold Bars can still be earned from Bounty boards
Fortnite Gold Bars can still be earned from Bounty boards.

The most effective way of earning Fortnite Gold Bars, however, is by completing quests. Quests can be obtained from NPCs and from payphones, which are a new feature in Season 7. Common quests reward players with 80 Gold Bars while the reward for Exotic ones is 200 bars! The best part? Most of the quests are very easy to finish and can be completed within minutes!

Catty Corner is one of the places players can land at for quick and easy Gold Bars. This place offers a bounty and it is also close to the Yellow Steel Bridge where players can pick up a quest from an NPC and a payphone. Additionally, the NPC (Riot) drops an Epic Heavy Assault Rifle, which is one of the best weapons in the game at the moment. Riot also offers the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle to players for 500 Gold Bars, as well as Mass Supply Drop for 1,250 bars.

Bounties and quests change

Unlike in the previous seasons, players can complete only one quest per NPC (or payphone) in a single match and the same goes for bounties. If you pick up a bounty and complete it, you will not be able to pick up another bounty from the same board. Completing a payphone quest will make that same payphone inaccessible for the rest of the game. However, players can interact and get quests from other payphones.

Payphones are a quick way of making Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 7.
Payphones are a quick way of making Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 7.

Keep in mind, each quest has its duration. Most in-game quests expire after 60 minutes, but some of them are even less forgiving. Several NPCs offer a quest for opening three chests and ammo boxes, but players are only given a few minutes to complete it.

Remember to always pick up a quest that is easiest for you. If you are not skilled with submachine guns, make sure to avoid quests that require you to get eliminations or damage with them. At the moment, one of the most valuable quests is to fly a UFO which is worth 200 Gold Bars.

Spending Gold Bars in Fortnite

Fortnite players can spend Gold Bars for many different things in Season 7. Epic Games has brought back Vending Machines and players buy items from them with this resource. Furthermore, items and services can be obtained from NPCs as well. For those who have extra bars, they can tip the bus driver and get a shoutout!

Spending Gold Bars on items from Vending Machines is the best way to get a good loadout. Vending Machine items are very cheap, yet valuable. For example, a Rare weapon costs only 50 Gold Bars. On the other side, upgrading weapons at Upgrade Stations is extremely expensive. It costs hundreds of bars to upgrade an item from Uncommon to Rare rarity, which does not make much sense. Epic Games will most likely change this in the future as upgrading should be much cheaper.

Fortnite Mass Supply Drop
Mass Supply Drop is…very interesting!

Exotic items can be bought for Gold Bars as well. Most of them cost 400 Gold Bars, with the exception of the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle which costs 100 bars more.

The new season has also brought new services offered by NPCs. Several characters, including Marigold at Lazy Lake, allow players to buy Mass Supply Drop. This service spawns at least 10 Supply Drops in the safe zone for every to loot!

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