How to Get 2 Seconds of Airtime in a Vehicle

A new Fortnite challenge requires players to get two seconds of airtime in a vehicle, and this guide details two easy approaches.

Several of Fortnite‘s Season 6 Week 5 challenges require players to use vehicles to perform various tasks. For instance, one of the new challenges instructs fans to get two seconds of airtime in a vehicle, and there are two good methods that players can use to complete it. Detailing these methods is the precise purpose of this guide, and fans that read on should have no trouble catching some air while driving a vehicle in Fortnite.

The first way to complete this challenge is to simply find a vehicle and drive it off of a cliff. While there are a variety of locations that can support this approach, players that are looking for a specific recommendation should turn their attention to the area between Catty Corner and Lazy Lake. Indeed, there are an array of cliffs to plummet from situated in that portion of Fortnite‘s map, and fans can find a video demonstration below.

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Alternatively, players can tackle this task by driving off of a ramp of their own construction, and 70 building materials should be enough to create one of sufficient height. While this method may require more preparatory work than the one outlined previously, it has the advantage of not requiring Fortnite players to travel any specific portions of the map. Again, the following video showcases exactly how to execute this approach, and it should alleviate any confusion that fans may have.

To note, one of this week’s other challenges sends fans to modify vehicles with off-road tires in Fortnite, and it overlaps nicely with the challenge detailed in this guide. This is due to the fact that players can use their modified vehicles to reach high elevations and then get some airtime on the descent. While overlapping challenges in this way is certainly not requisite, it is something that fans that are interested in gaining XP as efficiently as possible should consider.

These players should also consider developing a strategy for addressing this week’s Legendary Challenge, as it centers around collecting thousands of Gold Bars in Fortnite and can prove to be quite an undertaking. Perhaps the best approach to this task is to focus on completing simple quests for NPCs, and there are two characters that make perfect targets. Those NPCs are Kyle and Sash Sergeant, both of whom are located in the vicinity of Weeping Woods, and players can earn a total of 560 Gold Bars from them every match.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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