How To Fly 20 Meters With A Chicken In Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 requires players to fly 20 meters while using a chicken, and this guide will show the best route to complete this quest.

Part of Fortnite Season 6′ week 3 challenges has players hunting and killing chickens, but another part has players using chickens in an entirely different way. Chickens were introduced at the start of Fortnite Season 6, and they are the safest way to obtain meat and bones as they don’t fight back. However, week 3 of this season of Fortnite is putting chickens to the test as they will need to be used to fly 20 meters in order to complete an Epic challenge.

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Fortnite Season 6’s week 3 challenges dive a little deeper into the new mechanics introduced this season while also celebrating the Easter Holiday. Players will have to collect Bouncy Eggs, hunt chickens, and even hunt down a few NPCs. There are also other challenges that require a little more skills such as dealing shotgun damage, getting headshots with rifles, and dealing damage with pistols while extremely close to players. This guide will focus on how chickens can be used to fly short distances.

How To Use A Chicken To Fly 20 Meters In Fortnite

Fortnite Chicken Fly 20 Meters Route

There are plenty of ways players can fly 20 meters using a chicken, but the map above shows the easiest route to take. Players can land at Steel’s Farm, a small landmark north-east of Colossal Crops, and pick up a chicken wandering the cornfields. There are at least three chickens that spawn here. The reason why this location is the easiest way to complete the quest is that Steel’s Farm is located on the top of a cliff. After collecting a chicken, players can run and jump off the western side of the cliff and glide for a good distance. If one jump isn’t enough, players can run back up the hill and fly down until the challenge is completed.

In order to pick up a chicken, players will need to approach one and press the action button/key. Unlike taming wild animals, players don’t need to throw certain foods to make them docile. All that needs to be done is to creep up next to a chicken without startling it. Players can glide as far as they want as long as the chicken stays alive. If a chicken is shot while the player is gliding, the player will fall and take damage. That’s why this small cliff is perfect for completing this challenge as players likely won’t take fall damage if targeted by enemy players.

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