How to Find (& Destroy) Motorboats in Fortnite Season 5

One Week 6 Epic Challenge tasks players with destroying three motorboats. These are often found near large bodies of water or major coastal POIs.

During Week 6 of Fortnite Season 5, the Epic Challenges have almost all centered on destroying places and objects associated with fishing, including regular boats, fishing rod barrels, and fishing holes. Epic Challenges have replaced Weekly Challenges during Season 5. They need to be completed in a certain progression, and players will be locked out of completing the later ones until they complete the earlier options. One of the challenges during Week 6 has players destroying three motorboats.

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Players need to hop in a motorboat and drive it to destroy fishing holes before this challenge becomes active. Most likely players will find motorboats near most large bodies of water, but there are several places on the map that are guaranteed to have a lot of motorboats in a single place. These are the places players want to hit if they are looking to complete the challenge as quickly as possible. This challenge, like the other Epic Challenges, yields 20,000 XP toward the Season 5 Battle Pass, so it is well worth finishing. Here’s where to find and destroy motorboats in Fortnite Season 5.

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How to Find & Destroy Motorboats in Fortnite Season 5

Map of all known motorboat spawn locations in Fortnite Season 5

Players can usually find motorboats that spawn anywhere near water, which can make it easy to complete this challenge. However, there will usually only be one or two at a time. A few locations on the map have more, and players looking to finish this challenge quickly or in a single match should choose to land at one of these spots. The map above from Fortnite Intel shows some of the possible spawn locations where players might find a motorboat.

There are a few locations where players are guaranteed to find more than enough motorboats to complete the challenge. These include:

  • Drop Shop: Located on the edge of the desert biome, north of Hunter’s Haven. There are two on display and three hanging off the side of the building.
  • Between Sweaty Sands and Coral Castle: In the water, players can always find motorboats. This area may be more dangerous, with more opponents lingering.
  • Slurpy Swamp: On the western coast of the swamp, players will usually find three motorboats near the water.
  • Coral Castle: There are seven boats here. Three are on the western side of the large structure. One is in the northern region of the westernmost island. Players will find the last three on the northernmost island.
  • Dirty Docks: There are five boats in the southern part of this POI.
  • Craggy Cliffs: Players can find 2 on the beach here, and another 3 in the waters to the west of the POI.

This challenge will make players vulnerable to attack for a time while they hack at the motorboats with a pickaxe. Players should be on guard for opponents and have a weapon ready just in case. Motorboats have 800 health, more than regular boats, so it will take players longer to destroy them and leave them open to attack longer. If players struggle, they should try completing this challenge in Team Rumble instead.

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