How to find and use it in Creative mode?

The warm summer weather of 2021 is just around the corner, which means Fortnite developers are bringing surfboards and other fun in-game items to players so they can bask in the sun alongside Peely.

Fortnite Surfboard locations: How to find and use it in Creative mode?

For Fortnite players to access the new in-game surfboard, they will need to enter Creative mode instead of the typical Battle Royale mode.

From here, players can enter their toolboxes and locate the Surfboard Spawner, which will allow loopers to place surfboards wherever they would like. Once the surfboards are placed and spawned, players can approach them and climb aboard using their controller’s action button.

Once Fortnite players manage to mount their surfboards, the water will propel them forwards or backwards. Players can use the motion of the ocean to enjoy some summer fun, though they have the option of an additional boost, much like driving a boat in Fortnite’s Battle Royale.

In addition to surfboards, developers have also added boats, fishing poles, and fishing zones to Fortnite’s Creative mode. The official FNCreative Twitter account also announced just hours ago that a Creative contest has begun for players who would like a chance to share their summer fun with everyone.

The Summer Creator Callout contest encourages players to embrace all of the tropical and seasonal items added to the Creative mode of the game. Loopers who create an engaging and enjoyable map for players to participate in will be featured in the currently unrevealed Fortnite Summer event.

On their official page regarding the Summer Creator Callout contest and all of the new seasonal items to be found in-game, Epic Games encourages players to think outside of the box via creating boat races or fishing competitions.

Creative Content to be Featured in Summer Event {Image via FNCreative on Twitter}
Creative Content to be Featured in Summer Event {Image via FNCreative on Twitter}

Loopers that are hoping to be featured in the soon-to-be-announced Fortnite Summer event as a result of entering the Summer Creator Callout contest should fill out the Creative Content Submission form and have their submission ready by June 11th, 2021.

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