How to Enter the Zero Point for Week 13 Challenges

One of Fortnite’s Season 5 Week 13 challenges asks players to enter the Zero Point, and this guide details exactly how that is done.

Players that are looking to level up in Fortnite should make sure to complete all of the Season 5 Week 13 challenges, which are available right now. While most of these new challenges are fairly straightforward, there are a few that may prove to be a bit tricky. For instance, some Fortnite fans may be slightly confused by the task that instructs them to enter the Zero Point, and this guide is here to clarify exactly how that is done.

To get right to it, the Zero Point in Fortnite is the blue orb that can be found hovering above the pink spot at the center of the map. In order to enter it, players simply need to come into contact with the orb, and the beginning of a match is the easiest time to do that. Indeed, fans can complete this challenge extremely quickly by falling directly into the Zero Point after deploying from the Battle Bus, and they will receive a reasonable amount of XP for their efforts.

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To note, there is another challenge that can be completed in very close proximity to the Zero Point, and players that are interested in efficient XP gains may want to tackle it after entering the orb. Specifically, this is the Epic Quest that asks fans to destroy Crystal Trees in Fortnite, and those plants can be found in abundance just north of the Zero Point. Hitting a Crystal Tree with a Harvesting Tool is all that is needed to destroy it, and fans will earn their reward after bringing down five of them.

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When the Crystal Tree challenge is complete, fans may want to head over to Colossal Coliseum, where another Season 5 Week 13 Epic Quest can be taken on. For this one, players will need to scan a server at a Surface Hub, and that can be done in the bunker that is hidden below the aforementioned named location. To enter this bunker, fans should descend the staircase at the southeast corner of the Coliseum, and the server can be found in a small room at the bottom.

After that, players can head over to Steamy Stacks for yet another new challenge, which centers around bathing in a Purple Pool. That Pool can be found inside of the Kevolution Energy building at Steamy Stacks, and bathing in it is as simple as approaching the liquid and pressing the input that appears on screen.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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