How to Enter The Mothership (& Open The Vault)

Players are now able to enter the Mothership in Fortnite season 7. This guide will show players how to enter it and unlock the legendary vault.

Players are now able to enter the Mothership in Fortnite. This guide will show players how they can get inside and how they can access the legendary vault. Fortnite season 7 is centered around all things aliens as the world is currently experiencing an invasion. Players are able to steal UFOs, find Plasma weapons, and take down some trespassers for additional items. Not only that, but one of the battle pass’s final rewards is a Rick Sanchez skin from Rick and Morty. He’s arguably traveled across the cosmos more than anyone else in the multiverse. As the season progresses, more locations are added to the game. While the Mothership has been around, players have not been able to access it until now. This guide will show players how they can gain access to the Mothership.

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For starters, players will need to head to one of the three locations below on the map. These locations have the chance to spawn one of the UFOs. In this case, players will want to go to one of these locations and be taken by one of the ships. They will begin to shoot out a bright light after the first storm eye appears. This is how players will be able to get inside of the Mothership. Now, there are a lot of things players can do once inside. Here is how players can access Mothership’s legendary vault.

How To Access The Mothership’s Legendary Vault in Fortnite

Fortnite Mothership UFO Locations

Inside the Mothership will be tons of older locations from the battlefield including Lazy Lagoon and Lucky Landing. Players will have a jetpack and will be able to jump around farther. There will be a timer where players will need to run around the Mothership to collect orbs. The more orbs the player collects, the better vault they will have access to. Here are the vault tiers when collecting each orb.

  • 1 Star: Gray Vault Tier.
  • 2 Stars: Green Vault Tier.
  • 3 Stars: Blue Vault Tier.
  • 4 Stars: Purple Vault Tier.
  • 5 Stars: Gold Vault Tier.

Depending on how many stars (orbs) the player collects will determine which vault the player will go to when the timer runs out. The legendary vault features a ton of high-quality items that will surely benefit players towards winning the battle royale. Ultimately, this is a really neat feature that pushes players outside of the cosmos. Be careful when being taken by the ship to avoid other players. Everyone else will attempt to complete this challenge as well. It’s time to reach for the stars.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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