How to earn Gold Bars & spend them in Fortnite Season 6

Gold bars are the currency in Fortnite and you can use them to purchase Exotic weapons, hire NPCs to fight for you, and more. Here’s how to get your hands on Gold Bars in Season 6.

Gold Bars are one of the most useful resources you can get your hands on in Fortnite Season 6. They’re relatively easy to gain and even better, you get to keep them between matches.

You can hire NPCs, upgrade your weapons, and even become a prop by purchasing items from NPCs. Here’s every way you can get your hands on Gold, and everything you can spend it on.

How to earn Gold bars in Fortnite Season 6

You can earn Gold Bars in a plethora of ways in Fortnite but some are more lucrative than others. Here’s every way to earn Gold in Season 6.

Fortnite Gold bars and bounty


The easiest, but not necessarily the most lucrative, method of earning Gold Bars is by simply looting around the island. Here are some examples of things you can breaks and loot for Gold in Season 6.

  • Chests
  • Rare Chests
  • Cash Registers
  • ATMs
  • Beds
  • Sofas

As you gear up for the game ahead, make sure you’re breaking and interacting with these objects to get some extra Gold.

Fortnite Exotic bow Season 6

Eliminate players

While looting is a big part of battle royale games, your ultimate goal is to win. This means you’ll probably end up taking out a few players over the course of the match. Make sure to loot them afterward, as fallen players often drop around 8 Gold.

Complete bounties and contracts

NPCs will offer you Gold as a reward for completing contracts and bounties. There are a couple of exploitable NPCs that can give you a whopping 220 Gold Bars in only a minute, and you can check out our guide on how to get unlimited Gold.

If you’d rather not exploit the system, or don’t want a hit to your win/loss and kill/death ratios, then you can complete bounties. You’ll be given a player to hunt down and eliminate, and if you’re successful, you’ll be awarded a pile of Gold.

Fortnite bounty locations s6

Here are the NPCs that give bounties in Season 6.

  • Splode
  • The Reaper
  • Blackheart
  • Ragnarok
  • Blaze
  • Gutbomb
  • Zenith
  • Farmer Steel

Defeat bosses

There six Guardians around the Fortnite Season 6 island, and you can take them out for high-tier loot, Gold, and Mythic items.

Here’s how to find and defeat Guardians in order to get their Gold.

Fortnite Guardian of the Sea boss

How to spend Gold in Fortnite Season 6

Now you’ve got all of the Gold you need, you can start spending it. With the help of, here’s everything you can purchase with Gold Bars in Season 6.

Upgrade weapons and buy materials

One of the most basic, but useful things you can purchase with Gold is weapon upgrades and materials. Simply approach an NPC that offers upgrades, and you’ll be able to increase the rarity of your weapon.

Fortnite Season 6 weapon upgrade locations

You can purchase weapon upgrades from:

  • Remedy
  • Jonesy The First
  • Dummy
  • Reaper
  • Bandolette
  • Jules

Random NPCs will also allow you to see the locations of nearby Chests, and you can also purchase extra materials with Gold.

Became a prop

If you’re a more stealthy Fortnite player who liked to hide in bushes in Chapter 1, then turning into a prop is the next best thing. By approaching certain NPCs, you can spend 75 Gold to turn into a random prop such as a barrel or trashcan.

For every NPC who will turn you into a prop, you can check out our guide on how to turn into a prop in Fortnite Season 6.

Hire an NPC

If you feel like you might need some more help in scoring a Victory Royale, you can recruit certain NPCs to your side to fight for you.

Fortnite Season 6 hireable NPC locations

Here are the NPCs you can hire in Fortnite Season 6:

  • Bandolette
  • Gutbomb
  • Big Chuggus
  • Deadfire
  • Crustina
  • Cluck
  • Lara Croft
  • Power Cord
  • Stage Slayer

Purchase Exotic weapons

NPC’s in Fortnite also sell Exotic weapons that can give you a major advantage over your opponents. They don’t come cheap, costing as much as 600 Gold, but can dish out some serious damage.

Here’s where you can purchase them:

  • Hop Rock Dualies: Purchased from Gutbomb in Logjam Woodworks (500 Gold)
  • Chug Cannon: Purchased from Slurp Jonesy in Slurpy Swamp (600 Gold)
  • Shadow Tracker Pistol: Purchased from Power Chord in Dance Club Cabin (400 Gold)
  • Dub Shotgun: Purchased from Burnout south-west of Steamy Stacks (600 Gold)
  • Primal Stink Bow: Purchased from Snow Sniper west of Retail Row (245 Gold)

Gold is an incredibly valuable resource in Fortnite, so save it and spend it well to score Victory Royales in Season 6.

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