How to earn 400,000 XP in Fortnite with the new Oro challenges

The new Oro skin is now in the Fortnite Item Shop. Take a look at the challenges to find out how to get your 400,000 XP as quickly as possible.

When leaks from the v12.21 content update came out, a lot of players didn’t believe what they saw. Oro was the only skin that had anything added to it, and the challenge set that came with the skin was promising some massive rewards.

The skin offers four challenges with 100,000 XP for completing each. When this came out, a lot of people thought that it would be a placeholder for a more pedestrian reward.

We even posted an article that theorized that Oro would be the real secret skin in Season 2. We knew that Deadpool was coming, but thought that Oro was the perfect skin pack to add to the Battle Pass as a second ‘secret skin.’ We were wrong, but the reasoning was sound.

Today, March 25, Oro was added to the Item Shop with his new challenge set. The skin is a pretty good deal for 2,000 V-Bucks when you consider the amount of XP that you get. It will go a long way to earn you the gold variants of the Battle Pass skins.

Now, onto the challenges. They’re relatively easy to complete. All you need to do is play a few rounds with your friends and/or load into a Squad Fill or Team Rumble match. This will even work in the new Knockout LTM.

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According to Epic, these challenges will only be available for a limited time. Luckily, most of them won’t take too much attention to complete. As long as you’re playing Fortnite, you’ll be working towards completing the challenges.

The 400,000 XP reward is substantial, but it’s a band-aid fix for the lack of XP we get this season when you compare it to the amount that you need for all of the gold variants. Agent Peely requires that you reach level 300, which seems realistic if the season lasts for only three months.

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