How To Destroy Hiding Places In Fortnite


It’s that time again where we take a look at Fortnite’s weekly challenges. Fortnite has now reached the fourth week of this chapter’s seventh season, and there are already a lot of quests to get done.

This week saw the introduction of 12 new challenges to the game. So, if you haven’t been very active this season, it’s a good idea to log in soon to stop the weekly challenges stacking on top of one another.

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One of the most recent Fortnite challenges, added just this week, requires you to destroy three hiding places. Hiding places haven’t been in the game that long, with players having to blend into the environment or use the Legendary Bush item in order to hide from their opponents.

How can you hide in Fortnite now? Well, there are various types of places that you can interact with and simply disappear. Holding the select button near a hiding place will put your character in there and in a state of hiding. This is particularly useful when you don’t feel confident or are underpowered at a certain point in a match.

There are three interactable objects in which you can hide: dumpsters, porta-potties, and haystacks. You can approach them and press the “hide” button. If you suspect there’s another player hiding in them, you can simply destroy the object and they’ll come out.

How To Destroy Hiding Places


The challenge this week, however, is not to hide in one of these places but to destroy three of them. So, how exactly do you do this? It’s actually a lot more simple than it might seem.

To destroy hiding places in Fortnite you have to approach the hiding spot and then repeatedly hit it with your pickaxe until it loses all its health. The hiding place will then disappear and it will count towards your challenge progression. You only have to do this with three different hiding spots so it shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you’re near a suburban or farm location.

If you usually camp in these hiding locations, beware this week in particular because most players will be trying to get their challenges done as soon as they can and will be actively destroying these spots.

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