How to Destroy Boats for Season 7 Week 3 Quest

A Season 7, Week 3 epic quest from an NPC named Dreamflower tasks players with destroying a few boats around the Fortnite map.

Fortnite‘s new alien invasion-themed season has been going on for a handful of weeks now, and many of the quests are based around UFOs, high-tech weaponry, and other futuristic-esque things. One of the epic quests from Season 7, Week 3 comes from the peace-making and nature-loving Dreamflower, one of Fortnite‘s many NPCs, and is a bit different from what players would expect.

Stage 2 of 3 of the epic questline tasks players with destroying three boats on the island, and here’s where players can find them.

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Most Fortnite players would assume that the boats in question would be the motorboats that players can ride on the water with, but that’s not the case for this challenge. Instead, players will need to destroy the basic wooden boats that are typically found by the shoreline. They can be easily broken with a pickaxe like any other normal item. There are multiple locations where they can be found, and this guide will only cover two spots where plenty of boats can be found.

How to Destroy Boats in Fortnite

Wooden boats can be found on the beach just north of the Dirty Docks point of interest. There are way more than three boats there, so players can head on over and complete the quest in a jiffy. As for the other location, players can head to the Craggy Cliffs area.

fortnite season 7 map

There is a shop called Cap’N Carp at Craggy Cliffs, and it sells bait and other fishing tools. However, there are many wooden boats in and outside the shop that are hanging on the wall or lying against the shop. So again, there should be plenty of boats here at Craggy Cliffs to fulfill the quest’s requirements. Once three boats have been smashed to pieces, players will be rewarded with XP towards this season’s battle pass, bringing players one step closer to unlocking neat rewards, like skins and emotes.

fortnite boats on beach

As for the other challenges for players to complete this week in Fortnite, there are new Alien Artifacts scattered about the island that can be collected. Epic Games will add more artifacts every week, most likely until the season ends. Luckily, players that miss a week’s artifacts can still grab them, as none of them will be going away.

Fortnite is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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