How to Deal Damage to Opponents in Farms in Fortnite

One Week 6 Quest in Fortnite Season 7 tasks players with dealing damage to opponents on farms. The easiest method is to hunt for IO Guards.

Dealing damage and eliminating opponents is a key gameplay element in Fortnite, and during Week 6 of Season 7, players are challenged to deal damage to opponents specifically on one of the Fortnite farms. Given the Alien invasion theme of Fortnite Season 7, many activities have taken place on or around the farms at Corny Complex and beyond. A few weeks ago, Farmer Steel disappeared, leaving Hayseed to take over his farm east of Corny Complex. During Week 6, players will need to once more visit the farms to complete Legendary Quests, which help reveal lore and allow players to participate in this season’s main story arc. While on the farm, players must place a few items and deal at least 25 damage to opponents.

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Because so many of the weekly Legendary Quests will take place on the farms, players should not have any trouble finding opponents to damage during Week 6 of Fortnite Season 7. However, players will always have the advantage against the enemy AI, and defeating IO Guards also counts toward completing this quest. Fortunately for players, there is a hidden IO base right below the red barn in the center of Corny Complex, giving them multiple options for completing this quest quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to deal damage to opponents in farms during Week 6 of Fortnite Season 7 and complete this Legendary Quest.

How to Damage Opponents on the Farm in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite IO Tech Weapons

To effectively damage opponents on the farm in Fortnite Season 7, players will want to make sure to grab some gear before heading to Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm landmark. With so many Legendary Quests specifically concentrated to the farm, there is likely to be more traffic to these areas than usual, even in the quieter Team Rumble Mode. Players should choose a landing zone that is somewhat less occupied and grab the best loot and healing items they can find to make sure they are prepared for anything that comes their way. They can then make their way to either Corny Complex or Hayseed’s Farm.

While both Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm are likely to have plenty of real opponents for players to find, Corny Complex also has the advantage of being considered one of the best landing spots in Fortnite Season 7. The hidden IO base is also found in the center of Corny Complex. Players looking to complete this task as quickly as possible should consider choosing Corny Complex over Hayseed’s Farm to ensure they have no trouble finding an opponent.

Clues on the farm in Fortnite

If players want to deal damage to other players to complete this quest, they will simply need to choose a target, line up a few shots, do 25 damage, and collect their XP. Players who would rather take their chances against the enemy AI should get to the red barn in the center of Corny Complex, destroy the doors to the basement hatch, and head down. They will find a secret IO bunker and some IO Guards to fight. Players could down an IO Guard, but not kill them, to bait another Guard into appearing for backup. This offers a better chance to deal all the required damage easily.

To complete this Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 Legendary Quest, players only need to deal 25 damage. They do not necessarily need to eliminate anyone, though they can if they prefer. Completing this quest rewards 30,000 XP toward the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass, and players can move on to the next quest in the story, finding and using an Inflate-A-Bull.

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