How to Collect Meat & Peppers (Week 7 Challenge)

Collecting meat and peppers can actually prove to be a challenge in Fortnite. This guide reveals where to hunt and collect these unique items.

Week 7 of Season 6 of Fortnite’s Battle Royale is here and with it a whole slew of new challenges. One of the more difficult ones to complete is collecting meat or peppers. Not because the objective is particularly confusing, but because it’s not always clear where to find the desired items.

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The Battle Royale map is huge, and it can be an absolute pain to track down where the nearest animal or pepper is located. However, with this quick guide, it will be a breeze to head exactly to where the action is and complete this otherwise simple task.

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How to Collect Meat & Peppers in Fortnite

Fortnite How to Collect Meat & Peppers Week 7 Challenge

From the standpoint of collecting meat, there are several different animals on the island that drop the desired item when defeated. Chickens, boars, wolves, and now even raptors roam the terrain, and all of them will drop meat. However, why go after animals that fight back, when perfectly harmless chickens are basically everywhere.

To collect meat, there are three locations that are ideal to head towards. The first area is around Pleasant Park, there are several clusters of chickens that wander the hills to the east of this small suburb. The next location to consider is Colossal Crops. This giant farm, not surprisingly, has plenty of fowl to hunt down. The third option is near Holly Hedges. A little north of that upscale neighborhood, players will find a couple of clusters of these feathered foes.

Peppers are slightly harder to come by in Fortnite, though not impossible. Generally speaking, the best place to hunt for these red veggies is any location that features a kitchen or is otherwise associated with food. For instance, Durr Burger, which is south of Holly Hedges, and Pizza Pit, which is north of Colossal Crops, are both known to harbor a few peppers. Additionally, the Orchard, which is also north of Colossal Crops, sees them spawn there from time to time as well. Even a gas station or two will occasionally have a pepper pop up, and gas stations are near almost every urban center on the island. If one doesn’t appear at a particular location, it’s easy enough to mark the next Named Landmark and head in that direction.

This particular quest requires players to collect five pieces of meat or peppers, but with the directions contained here, it should be a breeze to collect the needed items and earn a hefty 24,000 XP. Once complete, it’ll be time to take on one of the other quests that Epic routinely adds to the game.

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Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Android, and iOS.

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