How to claim free V-Bucks and other rewards from “The Crossover” event

Fortnite recently collaborated with the NBA for the first time. To make the collaboration memorable, Epic came up with a challenge for loopers.

Loopers enthusiastically took part in the challenge to have a shot at winning the prize. The results have now come out, and since then, gamers have been wondering how to claim their rewards.

YouTuber Tabor Hill has revealed how to claim the Fortnite x NBA rewards.

Fortnite x NBA collaboration: Claim free V-Bucks and other items

Fortnite has a long list of successful collaborations with some of the most popular organizations, such as the NFL, Marvel, and Star Wars.

These collaboration events offer gamers the amazing opportunity to own various event-specific cosmetics and in-game items from the Item Shop.

The Fortnite x NBA collaboration was the most recent collaboration from the popular battle royale franchise. Instead of event-specific items, Epic rolled out a challenge that required loopers to pick their favorite NBA team and guide them to victory.

The event commenced on May 19th and ran until May 23rd. The action-packed five days saw gamers engage themselves in battle royale and claim important points for the team by performing simple actions.

Epic announced that team members that secure first place will be rewarded with 500 V-Bucks for free. Members will also be rewarded with an NBA Championship Trophy back bling for free.

Members of the team that secure the second position will be rewarded with 300 V-Bucks, while the members of the third-placed team will be given 100 V-Bucks for free.

The Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as the winners by securing over 86 million points. The Chicago Bulls rank second with over 56 million points, while the Brooklyn Nets rank third with over 50 million points.

Ever since the results came out, gamers have been left wondering how to claim their rewards in Fortnite.

Loopers will have to login to Fortnite through their account. Gamers will be notified of the rewards when they are logged in to the game. Claiming the rewards will credit the V-Bucks and other rewards to the account.

The NBA Championship Trophy back bling was awarded to members of the Los Angeles Lakers contingency. However, Epic Games has assured loopers that the coveted back bling will be coming to the Item Shop soon and will be available in exchange for V-Bucks.

The Fortnite NBA Team Battle was a new challenge for gamers. Epic rolled out the challenge to make the event interesting and enjoyable. The enthusiastic response from players has shown that they have enjoyed it immensely and expect similar challenges in the future.

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