How to become an eSports player? Experts explain

If there was already a tendency for children, teenagers and sometimes adults to become eSports professionals, this desire may have increased in some people during quarantine. Isolated at home, close to their consoles and computers, aspiring pro players has devoted more time to games, which are being protagonists in the sports scene, since traditional sports are paralyzed because of the pandemic, such as football.

But what does a person need to become an eSports practitioner? O Estadão interviewed Eduardo Pereira, CEO of Detona Gaming, and Lucas Mohamad, coach of the Rainbow Six Siege (R6) team at MIBR, looking for tips for those who want to work professionally in the electronic sports scene.

Joystick, mouse and keyboard, or cell phone?

According to Eduardo, gamers need to analyze the possibilities that exist within each platform. “It is necessary to study what are the ecosystems within each eSports. What are the possibilities within each championship, before investing in a given platform”.

Mohamad follows the line of reasoning of the CEO of Detona Gaming and explains that the platform must be chosen according to the game in which the athlete will play. “If the intention is to become a pro player, that decision must be made in relation to the game. The competitive scenario of Free Fire, for example, is aimed at cell phones. So, it makes no sense to buy a console or a PC”.


In the experts ‘opinion, the purchase of accessories also depends on the choice of the game in which the interested party intends to play, but this is not decisive for the competitors’ performance. “It is important to know the profile of the game in which the athlete will improve and seek the best accessory for this type of competition”, explains Eduardo, who warns about the quality of the products: “The quality of the peripherals, although they are important, is not essential to act at a high level “. According to Mohamad, “this is something very personal and, regardless of the choices, dedication must prevail”.

Study, train and watch

Both believe that this is the most important step for aspiring professionals. According to experts, this is where the pros of conventional players are separated. “When studying, it is possible to see some pixel, positioning or some strategy that others have not seen. When watching, which is also part of the study, it is possible to learn from the successes and mistakes of others. And, in this case, you don’t need to watch only pro players. There are other players making lives that can teach something that a pro sometimes doesn’t even know. That is, studying and watching improve the analysis in the game, but training is what makes the most difference for professional improvement, as it happens in any other sport. The more you train, the more prepared you are “, explains Mohamad.

“Individual and collective training is also very important, but more importantly, it is knowing how to study the game and the other players, so that it is possible to understand the other possibilities of the game and develop additional intelligence. This is highly valued by organizations, coaches and staff when choosing a new player “, says Eduardo.

To compete

According to the CEO of Detona Gaming, participation in amateur and semi-professional competitions, combined with a good image construction, can be crucial for the success of those who want to participate in a great professional game team. “The player must start his career already thinking about entering the sports scene. Participating in amateur and semi-professional leagues will help the athlete to develop a competitive mindset, know how to play in a team and act under pressure”, explains Eduardo. “It is important for the player to work on his image from an early age, so he can build a good reputation, create a fan base and gain recognition within the scene for him to draw the attention of large organizations.

As for the MIBR R6 coach, aspiring pro players cannot be afraid to take “no” for an answer and must be insistent, as well as dedicated. “It is important to continue dedicating yourself regardless of anything. When a player reaches a competitive level, he will be gaining visibility and that is not why he has to stop dedicating himself. But it is also important to try to contact some teams and some lines There can be no fear of receiving a “no”, it will happen, it is normal, but it must be insistent, dedicated and persevering “, says Mohamad.

Attractive awards

Those who believe that eSports competitions are worthless are mistaken. Sometimes the value of electronic sports prizes exceeds the amounts offered by the most traditional leagues in the world, such as the NBA. In 2019, the North American basketball league awarded participants in the playoffs and finals with about $ 22 million (R $ 83 million). The winning team, the Toronto Raptors, is estimated to have pocketed about $ 3.5 million (R $ 13 million) of that amount, according to CNBC. That is, the same amount that the winner of the Fortnite World Cup, of the same year, Kyle ‘Bugha’, took individually.

The Fortnite World Cup accumulated $ 30 million (R $ 114 million) in prizes. This, in a single event. Summing up the prizes for all of its 519 competitions that took place in 2019, until the World Cup, are US $ 82.9 million (R $ 315 million), distributed to tournament participants.

The high values, however, are not limited to Fortnite. In the same year, League Of Legends accumulated about $ 70 million (R $ 266 million) in prize money, while Couter-Strike and Global Offensive paid $ 82.7 million (R $ 314 million). The game that leads, in isolation, the distribution of prizes throughout the tournaments is DotA 2. US $ 216 million (R $ 820 million) was distributed as a prize to its competitors over the more than 1,266 tournaments.

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