How to Become A Top Controller Player in Fortnite?

While there are Fortnite pros that play on the controller, the majority of the big names have stuck to keyboard and mouse. Aydan, Nickmercs, and Wolfies have shown us that skill level plays greater significance than input preference when it comes down to a gunfight. Here are 5 tips you can use to make you a more prolific controller player:

1.Fortnite Piece Control

Piece control is one of the most important elements to winning a gunfight on Fortnite. The best way to improve one’s piece control is by doing drills for the same. Piece control in Fortnite is about controlling the builds around one’s opponents to come out as winners from box fights. Good piece control will also help you win fights much quicker while wasting fewer resources. A good example of this is controller player Reet.

2.Aim Assist Type

One of the most common doubts faced by controller players is with regard to what aim assist type they should use. While there is no concept of one type fits all, based on the explanation you can decide which mode you prefer.

Linear Aim-assist: This type of aim assist provides better raw stick output. Furthermore, it also gives players better aim at closer ranges. For example, if you were to trap someone in the box and then hip-fire with an assault rifle, the majority of your bullets would land.

Exponential Aim-assist: This type of aim-assist causes smaller stick movements to have less of an effect on your aim. As a result, it is more favorable for taking enemies on at the long-range. On the other hand, players may find this stiffer than liner aim assist.

3.Fortnite Controller Movement

Controller players have the benefit of 360-degree movement compared to PC players who can only move in 8 directions. As a result, controller players can easily evade oncoming bullets by using the joystick to move around. Furthermore, in close box-fight situations in Fortnite, controller players can use this movement to utilize the “hit and don’t get hit” ideology. Controller movement will also save you from getting sniped. By running in a zig-zag pattern you can void getting easily head-shotted.

While skill and practice will play the greatest role in your Fortnite success, these tips are sure to give you an advantage against most players.

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