How much do they cost?

The Fortnite Soccer skins are among the most sought after skins in the Fortnite community. These skins were first introduced in the battle royale game two years ago to celebrate World Cup 2018. The Soccer skins have since garnered a huge following among fans, however, they rarely return in the Fortnite Item Shop and they have only had a few appearances. Epic Games had also introduced a number of other soccer-themed items that appear along with the main skins when listed in the in-game shop. These include a Vuvuzela, Elite Cheat, and Goalbound.

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Are Soccer skins coming back?

Yes, the Soccer skins were added back to Fortnite Item Shop over the last weekend, however, the skins will soon disappear. These skins are part of the featured items, which means that they will be available in the in-game shop for about two or more days before being replaced by other items. So, if you are really keen on buying the Fortnite Soccer skins, make sure to get them at the earliest.

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How much do Fortnite Soccer skins cost?

Players can purchase the Soccer skins for 1,200 V-Bucks each. Fortnite fans will be able to style each of these skins with one of the 24 possible countries. This means that if you buy one Fortnite Soccer skin, you will gain access to a total of 24 varying styles. In addition, you will also have the option to set and modify the number that shows us on your outfit during matches.

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Fortnite is currently in Week 4 of Chapter 2, Season 5. Players can complete the weekly challenges in the game to unlock various rewards and earn XP. This will allow them to level up the Battle Pass for the ongoing season. For players who are yet to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass, they can get one for 950 V-bucks.  

Fortnite Season 5 is now available across various platforms which include the Xbox Series X / Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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