How it works and how much does the Fortnite monthly subscription cost

This week, the apparent new Fortnite business models were unofficially leaked, which would go from only micropayments, to also putting up a monthly subscription with which players will have exclusive content and before anyone else. Here’s how it works and how much it costs (apparently).

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Right now, the War on the Nexus is one of the most successful seasons in the entire history of Fortnite and so as not to waste the momentum Epic games is determined to tie up the most hardcore players by rewarding them with a payout system that will replace the micropayments, which are currently the only way to have game content.

This system would be advertised like this and it would work in a simple way, like any other digital subscription to which you are already used or accustomed thanks to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, etc. This is the possible poster with which the system is known:

fortnite monthly subscription

As you can see, the three great virtues will be access to and unlocking the season pass immediately. No grinding, he already has everything with the power of money. You will also get a thousand V-Bucks each month, with which you can also buy content from the store and you will be awarded a special package every month before it even comes out in the game store with a new style, a backpack and a pick.

There is also a poll from Epic games circulating on the Internet that asks, if there is a monthly subscription, what would you want it to have, so it seems that although there is this leak, it is still a project to be launched.

fortnite monthly subscription specifications

With a monthly subscription, Fortnite I would seek to maintain month after month players more assets on the platform, who will not have to spend specifically each time a new package comes out, but will have special access to more content and, above all, already turkeys included with it. For now, the price that is handled is 16 dollars a month, which is around 330 Mexican pesos.

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