Hidden Bunkers, Stone Statues And More

Fortnite’s Week 9 challenges are live today. It’s actually a pretty interesting batch of challenges, too. You’ll be searching for hidden bunkers, missing black boxes and stone statues this week.

As has been the case in Season 5, there are both Epic (Weekly) challenges and a Legendary challenge that only sticks around until next Thursday. These limited-time Legendary challenges are worth 55,000 XP—quite a lot more than the 20,000 XP you get from a weekly challenge.

Here are the Week 9 challenges:

  • Shakedown an IO Guard (1)
  • Find a hidden bunker (1)
  • Find the crashed plane’s black box (1)
  • Deal damage while in water (200)
  • Emote at stone statues (1)
  • Ride the Steamy Stacks (1)
  • Deal damage to a Loot Shark (500)

The Legendary challenge is:

  • Shakedown Opponents (5) — 55,000 XP
  • Shakedown Opponents (10) – 22,000 XP
  • Shakedown Opponents (15) — 22,000 XP
  • Shakedown Opponents (20) — 22,000 XP
  • Shakedown Opponents (25) — 22,000 XP

If you shakedown 25 opponents in the next week you’ll net 143,000 XP. Finish all the weekly challenges and get 140,000 more for a total of 283,000 XP.

You can get even more XP by finding all this week’s XP coins. We have a guide for that challenge as well. Finding all this week’s coins is worth 75,100 XP so if you do that and all the challenges you’re looking at a whopping 358,100 XP in total. Not too shabby.

In any case, here are links to all our guides for Season 5, Week 9’s challenges:

Happy hunting, young padawans! Be sure to play some of The Getaway, an old LTM that’s live once again in the game. Fun times.

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