Here’s what to expect from Fortnite’s New Year’s Eve event [video]

Epic Games and Fortnite didn’t have the best of years – considering the massive lawsuit against Apple. Now the company is facing criticism for it’s New Year’s Eve event as well.

Apple pulled Fortnite from its online mobile apps marketplace on 13 August after Epic released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the iPhone maker.

Fortnite responded by hosting #FreeFortnite tournament and took several jabs at Apple during its marketing campaign. Epic released a video titled Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite as a jab at Apple’s famous 1984 ad.

Fortnight’s New Year’s Eve event

Fortnite’s New Year’s Eve event is an annual tradition by now. This year, however, a few leaks surfaced earlier than usual and some fans aren’t all that happy. Epic announced the event on social media.

Developers were preparing to say goodbye to 2020 for good and worked tirelessly to create the end-of-year celebration. The first images of the event were leaked by M1, also known as @m1fnbr.

What could possibly have caused Fortnite gamers to be so upset about a New Year’s Eve event? We’ll, many feel it’s a bit bland, as it features yet more fireworks. Tech Times explains:

However, this leak is not much of a spoiler as it is the same as every year’s celebration of a fireworks display and a night of dancing in different locations in the game. Also, the night time mode on “Fortnite” would be showing by chance, and would not be the same for every gamer, but servers might put everyone in-game near the New Year’s Eve event celebration time with darker skies to fully enjoy the show.

In addition to the above, Epic Games will be adding the famous disco ball that will light up the skies where gamers can dance using their emotes, accompanied by New Year’s Eve music.

Criticism from Fortnite gamers

When the new emote was announced on Twitter, one user simply said, “oh hell naw”. Another netizen known only as Kreek Story added that it’s “literally the same as every year”.

Many other took the comment section as well to express their disdain at the upcoming New Year’s Eve event being “functionally identical” to celebrations held in the past.

Others hoped the leak was only a tiny fraction of the full event, and that there was more to look forward other than just fancy fireworks and lighting effects. However, the trend set in the past probably means this is the full extent of the celebration. Protection Status

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