Here’s the exact time Fortnite servers go down for the Season 7 update and Season 6 ends

Season 6 of Fortnite ends just hours from now.

Season 7 of the popular free-to-play battle royale game kicks off a few hours after servers go down. This is a bigger update than usual given that we’ll be getting an entirely new Battle Pass, plenty of map changes and a new alien arsenal.

Be sure to check out the three teasers that Epic Games has released in the leadup to the new season. They hint at lots of cool things like new weapons, a possible superhero debut and a Rick and Morty crossover.

Epic has also released a countdown to the big Season 7 cinematic and Battle Pass trailers, which you can watch right here.

So when does Season 6 end and Season 7 begin?

We can answer the first part of that question with certainty now—the rest with an educated guess.

Season 6 ends at 11pm PT today, Monday June 7th. That’s 2am ET and 6am UTC on Tuesday June 8th.

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If downtime starts at 11pm Pacific Time tonight, we can reasonably guess that it will last at least three to five hours, with Season 7 going live directly afterward. That puts Season 7 launching anywhere between 2am PT on June 8th to closer to 4am, though it’s entirely possible that downtime will last even longer. It would not surprise me if Season 7 didn’t go live until closer to 5 or 6am PT, though my money is still on earlier so that it’s out by 7am or so ET. Of course, once the downtime is over you’ll still need to download and update, which can take some time based on your internet speed and machine of choice.

Either way, Season 6 is almost over so go find some Spooky TV Sets to destroy and finish up that Battle Pass. I have played a lot less this season and I’m still about five tiers short of 100. I aim to finish it before 11pm, however.

Good luck young padawans!

Here’s a video I made about how much Season 6 (and other recent seasons) have annoyed me and what Epic needs to change in Season 7:

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