Here’s some of the new skins released with the latest update

Valornat makers have constantly been making a number of different updates to their game. They have now released their latest Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass which has brought in a lot of new content. The fans have thus been trying to search about specific additions like the Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass skins. Thus, here is some information that can help out the players with their doubts about Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass skins. Read more 

Valorant Battle Pass Act 3 skins 

The Valornat makers have released a lot of new content to their game with the latest update. These include some of the most popular Valornat skins and the users are curious about them. Their Forsaken skin bundle brings in a set of new cosmetics for Operator, Classic, Spectre, and Vandal. Apart from them, a melee, Player Card, Spray, and Gun Buddy have also been given this new Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass skin with the update released. They also released the  Lightwave Frenzy skin with a number of variants. This has been confirmed by a blog post shared on Valornat’s official website. The new Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass update brings on a number of other changes also. To help out the readers, here is a list of some upcoming changes and also some of the already released updates made to the game. 

More about Valorant updates

The makers have indeed a new map to their game called the Breeze. The official description of the map on Valorant’s website says, “This Caribbean getaway is loaded with large open spaces, wider choke points, and colorful murals. There’s a truth below the surface of Breeze’s beach and sun that hopefully, you’ll be too busy dealing with long range fire to notice. You’re also free to just vibe on the map, just don’t throw the match.” They also confirmed that the players will soon be able to play a Breeze-only Unrated queue for the first two weeks of Act III so that they get totally familiar with the new map until their eyes bleed. 

The map will also feature the standard Unrated and Competitive queue thereafter. A lot of new information has been released by the popular data miner Valorleaks on his Twitter account. According to his information, makers are planning to release some sort of system that lets players ‘down’ their enemies. The players will be given a chance to be revived which suggests that they can rejoin the Valorant fray. There are also a number of rumours that suggest that the makers of Valorant might just add the Battle Royale mode to the game just like Fortnite and Apex Legends. 

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