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Fortnite Season 5 has now been released and the makers are certainly adding a lot of new content to their game. Thus, the players keep asking questions like what is the Fortnite Winterfest and where are the new guns in the game. To help out the players, we have listed all the information we had about Lever action rifle. Read more to know about Fortnite lever-action rifle.  

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Fortnite’s Lever action rifle

Fortnite’s Lever Action Sniper Rifle has now been introduced to the game and the players are certainly loving it. It is available in four different rarities in the game, Including  Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. This sniper deals with more damage as the level of the gun keep increasing. To help you out, we have listed all these damages right here.

Fortnite’s Lever Action Sniper rifle also uses heavy bullet ammo and has a reload time of 5.7 seconds at Epic level rarity in the game. The gun has also had a magazine size of 9 and it can be acquired in the world as a random drop.

  • Uncommon: 52 Damage
  • Rare: 55 Damage
  • Epic: 58 Damage
  • Legendary: 61 Damage

More about Fortnite

Fortnite makers have recently managed to dominate the gaming community with their latest update for Chapter 2 Season 5. Fortnite’s upcoming Winterfest has managed to be the talk of the gamers recently. With Fortnite Winterfest update, makers are planning to add a lot of new stuff to the game. They are planning to cover a part of the map in snow. A number of new Fortnite Winterfest skins and guns will be added to the game later. Currently, makers have not yet announced anything related to its release date. But this Fortnite update might also bring in some new LMTs to the game. iFireMonkey is a popular data miner and he has shared a Tweet that reveals that seven new LTMs will be brought in the Snowdown Shuffle game mode. A lot of new challenges are also going to be brought in thus makers have already given the players a head start with 50,000 XP for free. Here are some recent PAtch Notes released by the makers. 

  • New default keybindings for new players.
  • All keyboard layouts will continue to default to the QWERTY bindings for new players or those who reset their back to default.
  • Changed countdown timers to display more useful information
  • Shows hours left instead of days when under 72 hours.
  • Shows hours:minutes: seconds left when below 13 hours.
  • Changed the background of the loading screen bullet points area to be partially translucent.
  • Removed the “static noise” when switching tabs.
  • The “Restore” button has been removed from the settings screen. Also, the “Reset Defaults” button has been renamed to “Reset”.  
  • Leaving the settings screen before applying changes will give the option to apply changes and exit or discard changes and exit. 
  • Double clicks now register as two clicks on a button, allowing for faster navigation through Next/Previous type buttons

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